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The Assembly of Three Hammers


Speaker of the Assembly

Elder Council

The First Shield:

The Keeper of Law:

  • Vacant

The First Foreman:

  • Theodore Rockwell

The Royal Treasurer

The Stone Envoy:

  • Galvynn Thulmane II

The Master of War:

  • Khardrun Talonaxe II

The Lord of Mystics:

The Royal Victualler:

  • Vacant

The Voice of the Gnomes:

Constitutional Documents

Treatise of the Assembly

Backed Groups

  • The Ironforge Senate
  • The Shadowforge Senate
  • The Wildhammer Assembly
  • The Stormpike Vanguard
  • The Explorer's League
  • The Royal Stonecutter's Union
  • Silver Hand of Khaz Modan
  • The Thorium Brotherhood
  • The Sisters of Steel

Affiliated Groups




Assembly of Three Hammers Votes

The Assembly of Three Hammers, also known as the Dwarven Senate, is a ruling body put forth by the citizens of Khaz Modan and the allied Frost Dwarves.

Although the sovereign nations of Khaz Modan — Ironforge, Shadowforge, and the Aerie — each retain their respective leaders and senates (under the executive Council of Three Hammers), it is the Assembly of the Three Hammers that is charged as the unified legislative body that oversees the affairs of all of Khaz Modan.

(Updated March 15th, 2022)


Member States

  • The Frostborn

Territories of the Dwarven Realm

Clan Bronzebeard

Kingdom of Ironforge

Gnomeregan (Refugees of Ironforge)

  • Gnomeregan (Former Capital)

Clan Wildhammer

Aerie Peak

  • The Highlands

Clan Dark Iron

Empire of Thaurissan (Shadowforge)

Contested Territories

  • Bael Modan (Southern Barrens)

Overseas Territories

  • Baraz Modan
  • Tinkervolt Station

The Frostborn

The Elder Council

Speaker of the Assembly of the Three Hammers

The Speaker of the Assembly is an impartial voice in the senate that is charged with maintaining order, fairness, and decorum on the senate floor. It is they who structures the docket and ensures that meetings remain civil... at least in the dwarven sense of the term.

The First Shield

Established following the infamous Stoneshield Coup against the Assembly, the First Shield serves as the deputy and counterbalance to the Speaker of the Assembly. It is they who assists the Speaker in agenda-setting, meeting logistics, and, in times of absence, fulfills the Speaker's duties to ensure a smooth transition of the senate's affairs. During times of political upheaval or crisis, the First Shield is granted emergency powers (in tandem with other offices of the Elder Council) to ensure checks, balances, and continuity.

The Master of War

The Master of War leads the Ministry of War, and is in charge of coordinating the armies of the three major clans. While not a supreme leader, they do possess tactical expertise, and are responsible for aiding unified military action on multiple fronts.

The Keeper of Law

The Keeper of Law leads the Ministry of Justice, and serves as the authority on national and domestic laws within dwarf realms. They are educated on the laws of all clans and the laws set forth by the Assembly of Three Hammers. In cases of crimes so egregious that they surpass local governments, the Keeper of Law may act as state prosecutor during the trial of the defendant in front of the senate.

The Stone Envoy

The Stone Envoy leads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and is in charge of all diplomatic matters of Khaz Modan. It is they who appoint foreign ambassadors and they who accept foreign delegations. They are responsible for ensuring that matters of foreign concern are addressed by the Assembly and aid in their representation.

The Royal Treasurer

The Royal Treasurer leads the Ministry of Treasury and Trade, and is overseer of the collective funds of all dwarven realms. They are in charge of the monetary census of dwarven wealth and aid in ensuring the economies, locally and nationally, are in order. The Royal Treasurer works in close partnership with the Stone Envoy on matters of commerce and trade agreements with foreign entities.

The First Foreman

The First Foreman leads the Ministry of the Interior, and administers the internal affairs of Khaz Modan, such as mining, public works, public services, and national parks. It is they who are charged with the care and preservation of Khaz Modan's infrastructure, natural resources, and public services. The First Foreman also oversees the realm's safety and labor standards across all industries, including mining and manufacturing.

The Lord/Lady of Mystics

The Lord/Lady of Mystics leads the Ministry of Mystic Arts. Established with the re-assimilation of the Dark Iron Clan to the dwarven realm, the Lord/Lady of Mystics is the supreme authority of magic in Khaz Modan. Is is they who seek the protection of all dwarven mystics, while also ensuring their regulation to avoid rogue mages and warlocks. The Lord/Lady of Mystics ensures all magical colleges of Khaz Modan are up-to-par and well-managed.

The Royal Victualler

The Royal Victualler leads the Ministry of Heritage and Education. It is they who serve dual purposes as overseer of both the educational and cultural affairs of Khaz Modan. Along with the administration of Khaz Modan's public museums, schools, and universities, they are charged with the regulation of the continent's ale production, as well as the time-honored cultural festivals of the dwarven realm. It is they who guide the curation of dwarven artifacts, and all banquets, tournaments, and festivities of a noble nature are supervised by them.

The Voice of the Gnomes

The Voice of the Gnomes is the official representative of gnomekind in the Assembly of Three Hammers. The gnomish people were bestowed this honor due to the millenia-old kinship between the dwarves and gnomes. As gnomes maintain sovereign territory within Khaz Modan, such as the former capital of Gnomeregan, the Voice of Gnomes ensures the fair representation of all gnomish citizens.

Function of Seats

Elder Council

The Elder Council effectively serves as the cabinet to the executive Council of Three Hammers. Elder Councillors are typically elected by the body of the Senate, and once obtained, these positions are kept for life. The only manner in which the Assembly may expel a member of the council is by a two-thirds majority vote of no confidence that may only be requested two months after an appointment.


Thanes are entitled to their seat within the senate by noble birthright and proclamation from the Council of Three Hammers. Thanes may designate an official proxy to vote and deliberate on their behalf. The only way a Thane may lose their seat is by death, abdication, or criminal conviction.


Senators are most often commoners who are elected or appointed to represent the citizens of a district or region within Khaz Modan. They stand as voting members within the Assembly of Three Hammers on behalf of their constituents. Senators, in theory, are the more populated position within the Assembly for these reasons.

Military Leaders

Generals and their ranking officers within the dwarven military may be granted honorary seats within the Assembly due to their battle expertise. If anyone has authority on military policy, it is the brave men and women of the dwarven people who lay down their lives to defend the citizens of Khaz Modan.

Current Seat Holders (Players)

Elder Council


  • Thane Zulatobari Greatforge, Zulbar's Might
  • Thane Khardrun Talonaxe, Grum Modan
  • Thane Glauric Goldwrought, Gildguard
  • Thane Galvynn Thulmane II, Avengarde
  • Thane Theodore Rockwell, Thornhelm
  • Thane Arnas Brewhorn, Fort Brann
  • Thane Bromas Ebonram, Dun Modr
  • Thane Percivus Wintermar, Madoran's Reach
  • Thane Rufaic Snowsteel, Wyrvaal
  • Thane Augustus Rothshield II, Valeheim
    • Lady Helena Rothshield (Proxy)
  • Thane Ulrik Cloudborn, Dun Baraz
  • Thane Krugad Kraghelm, Kraghold
  • Thane Lorkuuf Coallash
  • Thane Thaugrim Anvilrage
  • Thane Theldur Silverhand
  • Thane Groorgrim Moltenforge
  • Thane Karanar Ironblood
  • Thane Grimoran Anvilbrand
  • Thane Balagorn Cragfist

National Senators

  • Sen. Rhallo Emberfoot, The Highlands
  • Elder Valstag Runehammer, The Hinterlands
  • Sen. Kylese Tinkervolt, Tinkervolt Station (Colonial)
  • Sen. Leah Rainweaver, Baraz Modan (Colonial)
  • Sen. Olympia Braun, Dun Morogh (NPC)
  • Sen. Mehr Stonehallow, Unknown (NPC)
  • Sen. Barin Redstone, Unknown (NPC)

District Senators

  • Sen. Balfion Stoneclaw, Mystic Ward
  • Sen. Grundmir Ironfist, Military Ward
  • Sen. Brynvya Shadowhorn, The Commons

Military Senators

Representatives of the Assembly

  • Sir Radiann Moltengrace, Silver Hand Representative
  • High Priestess Brigitte Firepoppy, Holy Light Diocese of Khaz Modan Representative

Former Seat Holders (Players)

First Speaker

  • Thane Magimund Warcrown, Speaker Emeritus
  • Thane Barhilda Brighthammer, Speaker Emeritus
  • Sen. Thorgoin Goldfinger, Speaker Emeritus

Royal Treasurer

  • Sen. Olathor Stoneshield, Royal Treasurer, Senator of the Dwarven District, Sporter of Latest Fashions
  • Thane Margrite Dourtongue, Royal Treasurer

Master of War

Stone Envoy

  • Thane Thoghli Ramheart, Stone Envoy
  • Thane Haguar Runewarden, Stone Envoy
  • Thane Emerus Runewarden, Stone Envoy

Keeper of Law

Royal Victualler

  • Thane Theodore Rockwell, Royal Victualler
  • Thane Alice Dawford, Royal Victualler

Lord/Lady of Mystics

  • Thane Azaria Darkmantle, Lady of Mystics

Senators and Thanes

  • Thane Magimund Warcrown
  • Thane Barhilda Brighthammer
  • Thane Margrite Dourtongue
  • Thane Grungnir Orcbane
  • Thane Thoghli Ramheart
  • Thane Haguar Runewarden (Deceased)
  • Thane Emerus Runewarden
  • Thane Tyberius Wintermar II (Deceased)
  • Thane Tyberius Wintermar III (Deceased)
  • Thane Alice Dawford
  • Thane Azaria Darkmantle


The Church of Holy Light

  • Bishop Prismspark of Dalaran

The Pantheon

  • Thorgoin Goldfinger


Worker Unions and Guilds

Diplomats of Khaz Modan

Khaz Modan Ambassador to Stormwind

  • Chancellor Gideon Gildenhelm

Khaz Modan Ambassador to Dalaran

  • NPC (Vacant)

Khaz Modan Ambassador to Gilneas

  • NPC (Vacant)

Khaz Modan Ambassador to Kul Tiras

  • NPC (Vacant)

Formal Delegates to the Assembly

Stormwind Delegation

Dalaran Delegation

  • Dir. Mary Shadowpaw, Ambassador to Ironforge

Gilnean Delegation

  • Dissolved

Kul Tiran Delegation

  • NPC (Vacant)

Lordaeron Delegation

  • Dissolved

Stromic Delegation

  • Dissolved

Alterac Delegation

Darnassian Refugees

The Exodar

  • NPC (Vacant)

Pandaren Delegation

  • NPC (Vacant)

Quel'dorei Delegation

  • NPC (Vacant)

Independent Bodies

The Argent Crusade

  • NPC (Vacant)

Foreign Relations and Recognition

The Alliance

Independant Ties