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Not my artwork, but it is the basis of my character's appearance

Astrallia Frostwhisper, known to most simply as "Lia", was born Astrallia Stardancer. She is a frost death knight and is known to use her power to rob travelling merchants. She is relatively young for a blood elf, and her emotions often get the better of her. Due to her preference for colder climates, she frequently goes without armor on in most locations, instead relying on her skills as an acrobat to dance in and out of combat to avoid blows.


She and her older brother were born to Listelle and Falraen Stardancer, a married couple who once were part of a travelling band of performers who, at one point, ended up down near the former human city of Stratholme. She was training to be an acrobat, flying through the air and maintaining her balance on tight ropes, all without the help of magic. After the Scourge Citadel Naxxramas came through, She and her brother were turned into Death Knights. Lia was forced by the scourge to kill her own parents, afterwards adopting the new surname 'Frostwhisper' to help her forget. She remained working in and around Naxxramas, under the Lich King's control until the Horde and Alliance stormed Icecrown Citadel and defeated Arthas. Although her Citadel was stormed, and Kel'Thuzad eliminated, she was out on a mission at the time. When she returned, she found her direct masters gone, only she and a handful of other Death Knights of Naxxramas remained, her brother not among them. Once the Lich King fell, she was freed and joined the other Knights of the Ebon Blade for a short while, but she decided that was not for her. After returning to the Eastern Kingdoms, she found pleasure in robbing human merchants travelling outside of Elwynn Forest. She made a decent amount of gold, and, while enjoying the fruits of her efforts in Silvermoon, overheard talk of a crew of 'Privateers' as they called themselves. Shortly after she joined up, and that is where she is today.


Originally born with the long golden hair that is common to her people, her undeath turned it blue. However she has since had it dyed back to its original blonde. Her eyes glow cyan with frost magic, and her lips are usually pulled into a smirk. Her body has survived undeath very well, and, If it weren't for her icy-cold temperature and glowing blue eyes, one might mistake her for a Sin'Dorei that was still alive. She has a scar on her belly, and a matching one on her back, evidence of a grievous wound obtained in battle, where she chose to disarm her opponent with her stomach, or at least thats how she puts it. She has a very classy lower back tattoo of a coral snake, with the words 'Authorized Personnel Only' superimposed on top of it. Below that is a small arrow indicating her rear.