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Aurora Spellheart
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February 4th, Year 5.
Alterac Icon.png Evandale Estate, Alterac


Human Icon.png Human | Alteraci



• Spellbow
• Magus (Transmuter/Abjurer)


• Portal Master
• Senator


Former Affiliations

Alterac Icon.png Kingdom of Alterac
• Alterac Military
House Evandale

32px-Achievement reputation kirintor offensive.png Dalaran

Silver Covenant
• The Alliance Vanguard
• The Arcanum

Current Affiliations


See Family

Anne-Marie Martin
Biological Mother- Alive

Charles Evandale
Biological Father -Deceased

Scott Evandale
Brother -Alive

Emmett Evandale
Brother -Deceased

Delilah Evandale
Sister -Alive

Irene Evandale
Cousin -Alive

Margot Evandale
Cousin -Alive

Doriev Spellheart
Adoptive Father -Alive

Maralina Spellheart

Adoptive Mother -Deceased


See Mentors

Ophesila Waterlight
Former Mentor -Alive

Constance MacCarry
Current Mentor -Alive

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Savurn Duskant
Current Boyfriend -Alive

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Stop calling me arrogant! Arrogance is for men who think their novice wand is a great-staff. I'm confident! Confident in both my abilities and in being extraordinarily pretty. Light, if that's a crime, then the Violet Hold has a new poster girl!

–Aurora Spellheart

Aurora Spellheart, is a Silver Covenant trained Spellbow (wasn't a member), who now serves as a Battlemage and licensed Portal Master of the Kirin Tor. She currently is a Junior Senator of the Magus Senate of Dalaran and an aspiring evoker. Formally known as Aurora Heather Evandale of House Evandale, she was the second child of a military house of nobility in the mountains of Alterac. Since such a time she has long defected from her Kingdom and has been a citizen of Dalaran since age thirteen.


Aurora is an extremely histrionic individual. Her eccentricity is deeply embedded in every facet of her personality. Her personality can come off quite strong, and to those more professional or serious of demeanor, she can easily be perceived as obnoxious and immature. Alas, most regard her childlike nature as playfulness and a simple optimist woman.

She has a trickster’s spirit, a young soul who loves games, pranks and complete and utter shenanigans. Nothing brings her happiness than seeing controlled comedic chaos and she absolutely will do anything in her power to help cause it. Her energy is playful, enough to challenge that of a dryad fawn. Yet she does have the capability to be serious if necessary, perhaps not serious in the sense most people would be, but in her own manner to enable herself to address more dire situations with a logical mind.

She’s a dream, a schemer, but more obvious than anything is that she is a D I V A. She solemnly hides the fact she comes from money and education. In fact, she’s usually both quick to spend coin and spew off random information at any given time. She’s known for expensive purchases for outlandish items, but would too forfeit such to give money to someone in need. Despite her wealth and spoilt life, she’s not allowed it to turn her cruel or unaware to the world around her. She is quite sympathetic and willing to assist those who simply ask.

Physical Description



Aurora is a petite woman, her frame is that of a slightly bottom heavy hourglass. Because of her shorter than average height any excess weight causes a slight appearance of chub across her figure. She is comfortably soft, while remaining healthy and happy.

Her rounded face provides volume to her higher cheekbones and fuller lips, causing an endearing babyface appearance. Her eyes are that of a doe-eyed almond shape, with chilled ocean blue iris’. She often wears neutral toned makeup paired with nude or frosted peach lipstick.

Framing her face is straightened shoulder-length deepened brunette hair, with darkened caramel lowlights. A cowlick on the right side of her scalp causes her hair to part unevenly, despite such, it still falls delicately against both sides of her face. She often uses small butterfly, dragonhawk or flower designed pin to hold hair from falling directly into her eyes, especially during combat.


Default Armor

Kirin Tor Armor