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An Azerite ore vein in Silithus.

Azerite is the name given to the crystallized blood of Azeroth. It is known for a wide array of remarkable qualities ranging from application as weaponry to seemingly enlightening effects upon those who come into contact with it. It was the primary object of competition during the Fourth War.

One of the oldest known occurrences of Azerite - or a similar substance - in the world began when Aman'Thul tore the Old God Y'Shaarj from the earth, leaving a gaping wound that would later become the Well of Eternity. Though not made public, it was also discovered early on by Jastor Gallywix on the island of Kezan, after which he carried the Azerite as an ornamental piece.

When Sargeras stabbed the world with his sword, it caused her to bleed her life essence all over the world. First discovered by the Bilgewater Cartel in Silithus, the Alliance and the Horde began a race to obtain Azerite that culminated in the Fourth War. A valuable resource for weaponry and technological development, many of the battles across Azeroth between the two factions were to compete for Azerite.

Magni Bronzebeard gave an adventurer the Heart of Azeroth, a relic from Azeroth herself that allows the bearer to consume the Azerite and through it, heal Azeroth.


  • Being a titan's blood, like the Well of Eternity, azerite is arcane in nature.
  • It is an extremely potent mineral that can be used to power machines and weapons.
  • When mixed with natural gas, liquid Azerite can harden quickly making it easy to obtain.
  • Azerite can also form elementals.


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