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Ballinda Dayglow
Ballinda Dayglow.png
Dame Ballinda in her Citrine Eagle armor.


IconSmall High Elf Female.gif High Elf


3 January, -98 L.C.; (Age 27)
Eversong Woods, Quel'thalas


Informal Advisor
Lord of the Bearlands
Knight of the Silver Hand


Silver Hand Icon.png Order of the Silver Hand
Church Icon.png Church of the Holy Light
D7f9c73dc76eb28f838094c3163505a9.png Argent Dawn
Shatteredsun.jpg Shattered Sun Offensive (Former)
Argent Crusade Icon.png Argent Crusade (Former)
Alterac Guild Banner1.png The Citrine Eagle
Alterac Icon.png Kingdom of Alterac
Sh.png Alterac Silver Hand
Lights Accord Icon.png Light's Accord
HGHF.png Highguard (High Elf)
RSO.pngReforged Sun Offensive
Convocation of Silvermoon


Daranel Dayglow (Father) †
Aelldania Dayglow (Mother)
Zanarial Dayglow (Sister)
Lyliane Dayglow (Sister)

Coat of Arms



Holy Light
Church of the Holy Light


Ballina Siggyrette.png

Military Service


Silver Hand Icon.png Order of the Silver Hand


Silver Hand Templar

Years of Service

11 L.C. - 23 L.C. (Silver Hand)
23 L.C. - 25 L.C. (Argent Dawn)
30 L.C. (Shattered Sun)
30 L.C. - 31 L.C. (Argent Crusade)
35 L.C. - Present (Silver Hand)

Commands Held

Argent Dawn Commissioner
Shattered Sun Captain
Knight of the Argent Cursade
Silver Hand Templar



Inv jewelry talisman 07.jpg Argent Dawn Commission
Inv jewelry talisman 08.png Token of Valor

Dame Ballinda Dayglow (Born 3 January, -98 L.C.) is the current claimant to the Bearlands, a region within Talongrab in the Alterac Mountains. After the loss of her home in Quel'thalas several years ago, and an unwillingness to return to the nation, Ballinda was granted the Bearlands by Zaria Blackmoore in an effort to revitalize the house, and appoint a regent to the unclaimed lands.

After the Scourge Invasion of Quel'Thalas, Dayglow abandoned her people in favor of seeking out the remnants of the Order of the Silver Hand after the fall of Lordaeron, and maintained her connection to the Holy Light. With the separation of the order between the Scarlet Crusade and the Argent Dawn, Ballinda sought out the dawn along with her former mentor. She became a force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Plaguelands, and was later sent on a journey to Stormwind City as an ambassador of the order.

Along the journey, Dayglow found herself in Ironforge to gather supplies for the further journey south when she met Zaria Blackmoore after an incident. Ballinda took the girl in as her Squire, and trained her in the traditions of the Order of the Silver Hand.

Dayglow has served in several campaigns, and is best known for her time within the Argent Dawn before their unification with the Argent Crusade. She now serves as an unofficial court advisor to the Matriarch of the Citrine Eagle, and continues her work as a Templar within the ranks of the Order of the Silver Hand.