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Balor's main port.


Off the coast of Westfall/Elwynn Forest


King Anduin Wrynn



Balor is a strategically-important island off the coast of the Kingdom of Stormwind. It is placed almost directly along the border between Westfall and Elwynn Forest. The island is known to be larger in comparison to other islands.


Balor was invaded and held by the Stormreaver Clan during the First War, where it would be used as an outpost as Gul'dan searched for the Tomb of Sargeras. The island was liberated towards the end of the Second War. It was later rebuilt following its destruction and currently is seen as a small get away location for the denizens of the Kingdom or a reputable fishing location.

During the Cataclysm, the island was raid once more, this time by the Naga of Vashj'ir. The naga have retained a heavy presence there, even after the defeat of Lady Naz'jar and Ozumat. As a result, many citizens of Balor were forced to relocate.

The horrific wars against the Horde, Iron Horde and Legion have left Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth to focus the navy on more pressing concerns, conscripting adventurers to assist the Alliance in securing Balor from the vile naga invaders.

A map of Balor.

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