WarCraft III Reign of Chaos - Human Campaign 1 - The Defense of Strahnbrad

Strahnbrad (aka Strombrad[1]) is a barony[2] formerly under Syndicate control. The town under Syndicate rule was in "ruins", but the bandits still "[used] the area as a headquarters."[3]

Before the First War

Based on a map given from the Warcraft movie, Strahnbrad was already apart of Alterac. Therefore, it can be assumed by Warcraft 3, Lordaeron has occupied/annexed Alterac, or at the very least Strahnbrad.

First War map

Warcraft 3

Recent orc uprisings in southern Lordaeron have forced the Alliance to take decisive 


measures. To contain the orcish threat, King Terenas has sent two of the realm's greatest 'paladins - his son, Prince Arthas, and the legendary Uther the Lightbringer' - to deal with the orcs once and for all. 


Before New Alterac's Reclamation



After New Alterac's Reclamation

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Strahnbrad after a over a month of New Alterac occupation


The walls of Strahnbrad facing the Thondroril


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