Battle for Mount Hyjal
Malfurion archimonde
Previous: Siege of Dalaran
Next: Ascension of the Lich King
Conflict: Third War
Date: 21 ADP
Place: Mount Hyjal
Outcome: Azerothian victory with heavy casualties
  • Defeat of the Burning Legion in Azeroth
  • Conclusion of the Third War
Commanders and Leaders:
Casualties and Losses:


Near annihilation

The Battle for Mount Hyjal is the final conflict of the Third War and the end of the invasion of the Burning Legion on Azeroth. It marked the first time in history that the Grand Alliance and the New Horde united together, as well as the first conflict the Kaldorei Sentinel Army had engaged in for ten thousand years.

The Battle for Mount Hyjal is widely considered to be one of the single most important events in Azeroth's history, not only defeating the Legion a second time but also showcasing the combined might of its people.

Twilight of the GodsEdit

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This section concerns content exclusive to Warcraft III or its expansion The Frozen Throne.

At the base of Mount Hyjal were the leaders of the Alliance, Horde, and the Kaldorei gathered. Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage and Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind had been summoned by the Guardian, Medivh. After his power and wisdom were made known, the kaldorei were convinced to ally with Jaina Proudmoore and Thrall if they were to stand any chance against the Legion.

As a gesture of good faith, Tyrande assigned a bodyguard Pained to safeguard Jaina.

Archimonde planned to tear Nordrassil from the very earth and absorb the energies of the Well of Eternity it protected since the aftermath of the War of the Ancients. The Eredar was far too powerful to face on conventional terms, as the demons and the undead significantly outnumbered them. In order to stand any chance at victory - let alone survival - they would have to employ unconventional tactics. Malfurion devised a plan to sacrifice the magical energies of the World Tree to defeat Archimonde while the others distracted the invaders in order to allow the druid to prepare the spell. It was an incredibly risky gamble, but with no alternative plans, they had no choice. Despite their best efforts, the defending forces were left with no choice but to ultimately retreat.

Fortunately, they had provided Malfurion with enough time to finalize the spell. The archdruid blew upon the Horn of Cenarius, signalizing the wisps of old to rise up and incinerate Archimonde before he had a chance to defile the sacred tree. Their gamble paid off as the eredar was defeated, and the remaining Legion forces were destroyed or retreating. Despite all odds, the three factions had managed to set aside their racial and cultural differences to prevent their ancient enemy from bringing forth total annihilation.


In order for Malfurion's spell to be a success, the power bestowed upon Nordrassil by the Dragon Aspects had to be sacrificed. As a result, the kaldorei were now rendered mortal and were susceptible to aging and death. Before the arrival of the Alliance, kaldorei military was segregated by gender. Only men could serve as druids while only women could be sentinels, priests, or wardens. Seeing more equal gender representation among the Alliance and Horde military ranks inspired the kaldorei to waver on their gender restrictions. This triggered a new resurgence in druidism, as the Cenarion Circle were allowed to incorporate women into their ranks. The tauren were also taught in the ways of druidism under Malfurion, inspired by what they saw during the battle. In the face of the brave heroics of the Alliance, the kaldorei began negotiations to join with them.

Jaina Proudmoore and Thrall became close allies, cooperating with one another as they began to establish outposts of their own on Kalimdor. In Dustwallow Marsh, the human city of Theramore was built while the orcs constructed Orgrimmar farther north in the harsh land of Durotar. The Darkspear Tribe cultivated the Echo Isles under the leadership of Vol'jin.


Here is a total list of currently cataloged participants in the Battle for Mount Hyjal, whether they be Alliance or Horde, enemy or ally, combatant or noncombatant, etc.

*Status indicates whether said person was alive or dead at time of battle and is not indicative of current status.







IconSmall Malfurion
Malfurion Stormrage Kaldorei Druid Cenarion Circle Lead field organizer, leader of the druids, healer, and combatant Alive
IconSmall Tyrande-0
Tyrande Whisperwind Kaldorei Priest Kaldorei Lead field organizer, leader of the kaldorei, and combatant Alive
IconSmall Jaina
Jaina Proudmoore Human Mage Grand Alliance Lead field organizer, leader of the Human Expedition, and combatant Alive
IconSmall Thrall-0
Thrall Orc Shaman New Horde Lead field organizer, leader of the New Horde, healer, and combatant Alive
IconSmall Shandris
Shandris Feathermoon Kaldorei Sentinel Sentinel Army Field organizer and combatant Alive
IconSmall Human Male1
Halford Wyrmbane Human Warrior Grand Alliance Field organizer and combatant Alive
IconSmall NightElf Female-1
Pained Kaldorei Warrior Kaldorei Bodyguard of Jaina Proudmoore and combatant Alive
IconSmall Broll
Broll Bearmantle Kaldorei Druid Cenarion Circle Combatant Alive
IconSmall Broxigar
Broxigar Orc Warrior New Horde Combatant Alive
IconSmall Hamuul
Hamuul Runetotem Tauren Unknown New Horde Combatant Alive
IconSmall Human Male1
Leoric Von Zeldig Human Paladin Grand Alliance Combatant Alive
IconSmall Gnome Male
Quarterflash Gnome Engineer Grand Alliance Combatant and engineer Alive
Iconsmall jur
Lavernius Jur Kaldorei Druid Neutral Combatant, impromptu faction mediator, and healer Alive
IconSmall NightElf Male-0
Talendril Silverleaf Kaldorei Ranger Neutral Combatant Alive
IconSmall Archimonde
Archimonde Man'ari Eredar Warlock Burning Legion Lead field organizer and combatant Banished
IconSmall PitLord
Azgalor Annihilan Unknown Burning Legion Fel Commander, field organizer, and combatant Banished
IconSmall Dreadlord
Anetheron Dreadlord Warlock Burning Legion Envoy of Archimonde, field organizer, and combatant Banished
IconSmall Doomlord
Kaz'rogal Doomguard Unknown Burning Legion Lieutenant of Archimonde, doomlord, field organizer, and combatant Banished
IconSmall Lich Male
Rage Winterchill Lich Necromancer Burning Legion Commander of the Scourge, field organizer, and combatant Deceased
IconSmall NightElf Female-0
Anessa Kaldorei Unknown Kaldorei Combatant Deceased

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