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Battle for Stromgarde
Battle for Stromgarde
Previous: Battle for Lordaeron
Concurrent: Battle for Darkshore
Conflict: Blood War
Date: c. September 3rd, 38 L.C.
Place: Arathi Highlands
Outcome: Alliance victory.

Alliance.png Grand Alliance

Horde Crest.png New Horde

Commanders and Leaders:
Casualties and Losses:

The Battle for Stromgarde was a conflict between the Alliance and the Horde for control of the Arathi Highlands. Based within the walls of the restored Stromgarde Keep, the Alliance holds a critical defensive position for their battles in northern Lordaeron following the Battle for Lordaeron. Control over Arathi would allow them to keep the Horde's aggression in the north at bay.

For the Horde, securing Arathi and Stromgarde would allow them to strike at the heart of the Eastern Kingdoms, and would be the key to launching a campaign against the Kingdom of Gilneas from a new base of operations following the loss of their central military headquarters in the Eastern Kingdoms. In addition, control over Arathi would also be key to defending the Kingdom of Quel'thalas. To this end, they destroyed Northfold Manor, evicting the remaining Syndicate stragglers, and established the stronghold of Ar'gorok over it.