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Battle for the Undercity
Battle for the Undercity
Previous: Battle of Angrathar, the Wrathgate
Next: Gunship Battle over Icecrown Citadel
Conflict: War against the Lich King
Place: Undercity, Tirisfal Glades
Outcome: Reclamation of the Undercity by the Forsaken
  • Declaration of war between Alliance and Horde
Commanders and Leaders:
  • Alliance
  • Horde
Casualties and Losses:
  • Light
  • Light
  • Annihilated
This is about the battle of Lordaeron following the battle of Angrather, the Wrathgate. You may be looking for the Battle for Lordaeron.

The Battle for the Undercity was a siege conducted by the Alliance and Horde upon the ruins of Lordaeron in retaliation for the Forsaken's atrocities at Angrathar, the Wrathgate.

Storming the City

After receiving word of Bolvar Fordragon's death at the Wrathgate, King Varian Wrynn was overwhelmed with anger and sorrow. He had considered Bolvar a brother, who had ruled his kingdom and raised his son for the years of his absence from Stormwind.

Varian and Jaina Proudmoore gathered the Alliance army and attacked the Undercity, hoping to reclaim Lordaeron for the Alliance and bring Grand Apothecary Putress to justice. When he entered the Undercity, Varian was disgusted by the condition of the once great city that he knew since his childhood.

Tracking Putress to the Apothecarium, Varian and Jaina engaged the rogue apothecary, finding him mutated and grown to several times his original size. After a drawn-out battle Putress was slain. But, to Varian's horror, they also discovered dozens of mutilated and defiled human corpses, on which the Royal Apothecary Society had experimented on to create the Forsaken blight. Varian realized that although the Alliance and Horde agreed to a small truce over the years, the Forsaken had been secretly creating a means to kill them all.

After Putress was defeated, Varian confronted Thrall and Sylvanas Windrunner in the Royal Quarter of the Undercity. After an exchange of heated words, the leaders of the Horde and Alliance came to blows. Lady Jaina Proudmoore intervened by freezing the combatants with her magic and teleporting all Alliance forces out of the city.

Declaration of War

The Battle for the Undercity ended the cold war between the Horde and the Alliance. King Varian Wrynn formally declared war upon the Horde, opening a new chapter in the conflict between the two factions.