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Battle of Baradin Bay
Battle of Baradin Bay
Campaign: Gilnean-Tirassian Border Disputes
Date: 500 K.C.
Place: Baradin Bay
Outcome: Decisive Gilnean Victory

Gilnean Navy

Alterac Army
Alterac Navy
Kul Tiras Navy

Commanders and Leaders:

Vice Admiral Gerald Keel
Rear Admiral Robert Wilkes

Colonel Albrechtsson (Alterac)
Admiral Sir J. Whitney (Kul Tiras)
Rear Admiral James H. Isenramm II (Alterac)
Commodore Baron Faulkner (Kul Tiras)


28 Ships

36 Ships

Casualties and Losses:

Signifficant Losses


The Battle of Baradin Bay (500 K.C. - 501 K.C.) was a naval battle fought by the Gilnean Navy against combined Tirassian and Alterac Naval forces. The Battle was a result of maritime border tensions an disputes over control of the Baradin Sea.

The Battle was known as one of the most astonishing and decisive accomplishments of the Gilnean Navy and proved the competitiveness of the Gilnean Navy. The Battle was fought with 28 Gilnean Naval vessels against 32 Kul Tirassian frigates, accompanied by an additional 4 Alteraci vessels.

The Battle was led by (Placeholder) and saw the leader's defeat there during battle.

The Battle

At sea, Gilnean Navy and the Kul Tiras Navy had been bitter enemies and at the time were consistently fighting for domination of the shared Baradin Bay. One of the Gilnean Navy's most decisive victories against the Kul Tirassians was in the Battle of Baradin Bay, which began after Gilnean sloops caught sight of the combined Kul Tiras and Alterac naval force of 36 vessels.

Preparing to engage the enemy force on October 21, The three Gilnean commanders divided their total 28 ships into two divisions and signaled for preparation.

The Gilnean Navy was determined to bring victory to the Kingdom of Gilneas and prove Gilnean dominance of the sea. They devastated the enemy forces, destroying 31 enemy vessels and many Alterac marines and Kul Tirassian sailors. Few Gilnean ships were lost, though, they lost a some 2,342 Gilnean seamen during the fighting.

The significant loss of life on the Gilnean side was mostly attributed to the deaths of both Vice Admiral Gerald Keel, and Rear Admiral Robert August Wilkes who were both one of the three commanders of the Gilnean forces in the Battle of Baradin Bay.

Though both sides saw significant death, the battle of Baradin Bay proved Gilnean excellence in sea and saw that Gilneas was a naval force to be reckoned with on it's own. Though neither side were ever able to hold complete control of the expansive area, the Battle freed more access to the Bay and allowed Gilneas to open maritime trade more freely without the hassle of Kul Tirassian forces nearby the Gilnean archipelago.

Fleets Involved

The Battle of Baradin Bay held three major navies involved; The Gilnean Navy, Alterac Navy and the greater Kul Tirassian Navy. The Gilnean Navy had sent their two greatest fleets at the time, while Alterac only deployed a squadron of vessels, much of their contributions being in men and soldiers. The Kul Tiras Navy saw action in both the Third and Fourth Fleet, with much of the two Fleets destroyed (Though various vessels did return and rebuilt the Fleet back up shortly afterwards).