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Battle of New Hearthglen Harbor
Battle of New Hearthglen Harbor
Campaign: Northrend Expansion; War Against Scarlet Extremism
Date: October 26th, 619 K.C.
Place: About 75 nautical south miles from New Hearthglen
Outcome: Stalemate; Mutual Defeat

Scarlet Onslaught

Argent Crusade

Commanders and Leaders:

High General Brigitte Abbendis
Grand Admiral Barean Westwind

Commander Eligor Dawnbringer

  • 2 Ship-of-the-Line
  • 5 Frigates
  • 7 Sloop-of-War
  • 15 Schooners
  • 30 Transports
  • 1 Ship-of-the-Line
  • 12 Frigates
  • 10 Sloop-of-War
  • 15 Schooners
  • 45 Transports
Casualties and Losses:
  • 2 Ship-of-the-Line
  • 3 Frigates
  • 4 Sloop-of-War
  • 7 Schooners
  • 17 Transports
  • 9 Frigates
  • 4 Sloop-of-War
  • 12 Schooners
  • 13 Transports

Later named in commemoration of the Scarlet fortress city of New Hearthglen, the Battle of New Hearthglen Harbor took place shortly following the fall of New Avalon and siege of Battle for Light's Hope Chapel in October 619 of the King's Calendar.

Bitter Relations

According to the Argent fleet, the crusades' ships were ambushed while sailing off the coast of Dragonblight by the Scarlet fleet. By Scarlet account, the Argent's vessels blockaded the coast line in an aggressive effort to prevent the Scarlets from setting foot in Northrend. Feeling their Holy work obstructed, the Scarlet commanders ordered their broadsides to open-fire upon the Argent ships, resulting in a bloody and horrifying naval engagement claiming mass causality to both man and ship. After many grueling hours of fighting, both sides backed down, thus ending the skirmish for good.