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The Battlesworn

Guild Type

Military Brotherhood

Guild Leaders

Hyrall Fairwind, Marshal Dawnbringer

Guild Website


Lawful Neutral




Open via guild website.

The Battlesworn were once the elite, the finest, the proudest soldiers, until they refused orders that they knew would claim their lives, sooner or later and, in this act of rebellion, left behind their previous duty to rebuild, reform and start anew elsewhere, not as a simple mercenary band or yet another military company, but as a brotherhood, united in purpose to rebuild and reclaim what they once were, as they pleased, how they pleased.

This pseudo-brotherhood is composed by a majority of Sin'dorei, but certainly open to other races -- if suspicious of them -- who would side with them in their reclamation. It's battle-hardened, scarred veterans once dreamed of a rebuilt Quel'thalas, returned to what it once had been, but after a handshake with death and what they bore witness to, that dream has been crushed for many.

Now, many of them dream of what's best for their brotherhood, so that once restored, returned to it's rightful position, they may seize what is their due, while a few idealists refuse to let their convictions be shaken. Then, perhaps, their focus will switch back to Quel'thalas...


To be determined.


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Bases of Operation

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