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Belzac DeMortis

Captain of the Sea Ghost

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Belzac in 33 A.W


Alteraci Worgen


August 5th, 13 B.W (Age 46 AToD)
Alterac City


Captain of the Sea Ghost
Alliance Privateer
Naval Commander


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Morgana DeMortis (Mother)
Edric DeMortis (Father)
Markus DeMortis (Older Brother)
Victor DeMortis (Older Brother)
Connor DeMortis (Younger Brother)
Erika DeMortis (Older Sister)
Lucretia DeMortis (Younger Sister)
Irena DeMortis (Younger Sister)
Kaylessa DeMortis (Younger Sister)



Belzac DeMortis (Born August 5th, 13 B.W) is an Corsair and the Captain of the Sea Ghost, a corsair vessel notorious for both its ability to appear from seemingly nowhere and its treatment of captured prisoners. Originally a Captain within the Alterac Navy during the Second War, Belzac betrayed his nation when they turned traitor. Becoming a trader, then a mercenary after his transformation into one of the Worgen, he served in multiple alliance campaigns as a privateer, and takes great pleasure in killing members of the Horde, particularly the Forsaken.


Belzac DeMortis is at first glance, nothing more than the average Human. He has a full head of black hair, he stands straight and tall and has healthy pink skin stretched tight over defined muscles. He speaks with an Alteraci accent, his body betraying his mind when it comes to disclosing his place of birth, but he does not seem to show any shame when it is brought up in conversation.

He is armed to the teeth as a corsair should be, and can be seen carrying several weapons on his person at all times. The first two weapons are the most obvious, both wicked looking axes which are sheathed and attached to his weapon belt when not being used. Additionally, he carries at least five other weapons which are easily visible. Two single-shot pistols, a larger more cumbersome scattergun and a third weapon which at first glance appears to be a standard dagger, but is on closer inspection a specialized device. Forged with a thicker blade made out of hardened elementium, with thick grooves on the opposite end of the blade instead of a flat edge. This 'Swordbreaker' is used by Belzac to snap more flimsy blades (such as rapiers) or disarm an opponent if the blade cannot be snapped by twisting the sword out of the hand.

Of all his weapons though, the most unique is the one that he uses to catch victims for keelhauling. This weapon is an extremely sharp, barbed hook which is attached to a long, very study chain. Skilled in its use, Belzac can throw the hook and chain like a fisherman casts a line, with the enchantments on the hook allowing it to pierce through flesh and armor easily. Once embedded deep in a victim, he will use the chain to drag the target towards him, grinning with satisfaction as they struggle and scream from the pain as all Horde should.

Unknown to almost all, Belzac has a fourth blade which is kept up his sleeve. In a pinch, and with a flick of his wrist, Belzac can drop the blade into his hand and then stab or cut an opponent with it.


Belzac is a corsair that has fully accepted the lifestyle and as such can be considered a cruel individual who is known for making daring plays and gambles. Known for keelhauling his victims with hooks and chains instead of ropes and leaving them strung up as warnings for those who sail the waters he patrols, he shows no remorse or guilt for his actions.

He is a heavy drinker, although he has built up a tolerance over the years and needs to drink more to feel the same buzz as he did when he was when he started on the high seas, and he is quite the carouser. While he does get turned down often, it doesn't bother him, although in moments where he does get frustrated, he takes it out on prisoners beneath his decks.


Belzac was originally a follower of the Holy Light however his change of lifestyle from upstanding Captain to Corsair/Privateer has caused him to shed that faith. He has yet to find a faith to properly surpass it, although many on his ship pay homage to the 'Pirate Queen' whoever she is.

The Sea Ghost

The Sea Ghost is Belzac's ship and one that he captained during the Second War. Initially one of the flagships of the Alterac Navy, it was known as the Jewel of Alterac, however when Belzac received orders to turn on Alliance ships and allow Horde vessels to sail freely he broke ranks and 'turned traitor' firing on and sinking two nearby Alteraci ships before vanishing completely. The 'Sea Ghost' would then be sighted many months later, bearing corsair colours and a crew of cutthroat men and women, all of whom were former Alteraci sailors themselves.

A naval man o'war, the Sea Ghost is 60 meters long, and armed with a total of 124 guns, with 56 on the port and starboard sides that are able to unleash devastating broadside attacks on other craft or harbour settlements. It is also fitted with four guns at the bow, eight at the stern and several experimental mortars for extremely long range assaults against slow or stationary targets.


Early Years and Education

Belzac DeMortis was born in the year 13 B.W (Before the First War) to Edric and Morgana DeMortis. Born into nobility as a member of the powerful and influential House DeMortis. While he was not the eldest child of the family, he was none the less raised without needing to perform any sort of manual labor, was given the finest education that the noble house could afford and he had his needs seen to by those who served his family.

From an early age, his life was a complex one, and there was much that Belzac had to learn in order to survive in the world of Alterac nobility. As the circles of intrigue expanded around him, Belzac learned the finer arts of subtlety and deception, but also the world of assassination and when such actions would be necessary in order to gain an advantage over an opponent. Unlike other members of his family who preferred to hire contractors to do their dirty work for them, Belzac was more of a hands-on member of the family, and nothing showed that more when he infiltrated the estate of House Erodin, a political rival, at the age of eighteen. Rather than plant incriminating evidence or use more subtle means to bring down the family, he used a cruel dagger to kill every living being in the house, including the servants and what few guards protected the home, leaving nothing but a bloodbath to be cleaned. The massacre at the house became known as the Erodin Massacre, and it was a mystery that was never solved, partially due to the skill in which House DeMortis erased all records of their involvement with House Erodin.

The massacre, however, proved to be a liability for Edric DeMortis and the rest of the family, and so rather than keep Belzac around to potentially cause more violent scandals for the family to clean up, Edric demanded that his son enlist in the Alterac military. Choosing to join the Navy, Belzac travelled to the Lordaeron Naval Academy, the finest naval academy in the north and learned through strict instruction how to sail a ship, perform the duties of a sailor and lead men as a Captain, as those who graduated from the Lordaeron Naval Academy often became naval captains in the naval forces of their family home. His training at the academy lasted for a year before it was forced to end, not due to his own belligerence or because he caused a scandal on the Academy grounds, but because of a new enemy that had emerged from the south after having razed the Kingdom of Stormwind.

The Second War, Alterac's Betrayal

The Second War proved to be a turning point in Belzac's life for all the wrong reasons. When Alterac declared war against the Horde which was emerging from the south, all men, regardless of experience, were called up to fight against the new threat, that included Belzac, who was placed at the helm of a ship known as the Jewel of Alterac and sent out to wage a war on the seas against the Horde, who had built ships of their own at a surprising pace. Initial engagements against the Horde were mixed. Battles were won and lost as a result of Belzac's calculations and strategies, but as the war carried on more considerable gains were made, with his ship and crew sinking multiple Horde vessels during sorties on the high sea.

It was several months into the war when the order that would change everything came from Alterac high command. The order was simple. Let the Horde pass unharmed, strike at the Alliance. Belzac was shocked by the order, as it meant that he was now potentially allied with the very enemies he had been fighting for the past few months. Doubt weighed on his mind as to whether he should follow the orders and he waged a private war within himself as he decided what he would do moving forward and what he would tell the men, many of whom were passionate about slaying the Horde.

Ultimately, knowing that he needed to maintain the trust of his men, Belzac assembled his crew and told them the truth, that he had received orders from his superiors commanding that his ship target Alliance vessels. He also told his men that he would not follow those orders, and that Alterac, the land of their birth, was now the enemy. To show that he was being truthful, he showed the orders to his first and second mate, as well as the other officers, all of whom verified the contents and the horrible truth of the state of the war. Then came the first order that Belzac handed down. Unleash a devastating broadside. Not at the Alliance vessels that were sailing a distance away but well within range, but at the Alteraci vessels that had changed course and were sailing to engage the Alliance. The overwhelming firepower of the Jewel of Alterac caused the destruction of both vessels, but before the nearby Alliance ships could investigate, Belzac ordered the ship to turn about and sail into the distance as they withdrew from the war entirely.

Arrival in Booty Bay

It took some time for Belzac to feel confident that he had evaded the Horde and the Alliance vessels that were still waging war across the seas, but eventually rations started to run low and Belzac knew that he needed to resupply. The Ruins of Stormwind were still under the control of the Horde, so that wouldn't do as a potentially resupply port, and the Horde would sooner shoot at a vessel of humans rather than trade with them, so Belzac sailed south, into the seas surrounding Stranglethorn Vale. During his time at the Lordaeron Naval Academy he had learned of a pirate port to the far south known as 'Booty Bay' that would accept any sailors, no matter the flag they flew. Thus, the goblin controlled port would be the perfect place to resupply, at least until the war was over. Arriving in the port city he was concerned when he saw Horde soldiers present, as the Goblins in control of the port had allied with them during the war, but he was also assured by the guards that as long as he was in waters controlled by the goblins, that no vessel would fire on his ship. Choosing to weigh anchor and remain at the port for a time, it was here that Belzac and his crew made a name for themselves while also giving their ship a new name, the 'Sea Ghost'.

Eventually Belzac and his crew received word from the rest of the world, the war was over. The Horde, despite their overwhelming military might had failed to capture Lordaeron after a betrayal from within and the fall of the nation of Alterac, which had been destroyed by the Alliance for their treason. Following that failure they were pushed back until Orgrim Doomhammer, their Warchief, was defeated at the foot of Blackrock Mountain. While it would not be safe for he and his crew to attempt to dock at any Alliance port, as their Alteraci accents would likely have them also accused of treason, they could at least sail more freely across the open seas without fear of attack from Horde naval vessels. This of course led to the question. What was he and his crew to do now that the war was indeed over? The flagship of the Alteraci Navy was in their possession and it was an extremely powerful ship, but without an enemy to fight it was weighed down by all the cannons and mortars which made up its heavy armaments. The answer of course came from an enterprising goblin, who offered him a deal. Use some of the space in the hold to transport goods as rebuilding efforts would be happening within the Alliance and generate a quick profit. Without much else to do, Belzac accepted and the Sea Ghost started its new life as a trade vessel, one so heavily armed that no pirate would dare attempt to seize it.

Sailing to Gilneas

Loading up on various goods that would be needed by the nations of the Alliance to rebuild, Belzac considered where he might make port to offload the supplies. Stormwind was rebuilding, but it still had no harbor, so offloading the goods there would be impossible. Stromgarde was possible, as Faldir's Cove was close to the capital and could be used as an offloading point, but from what news he had heard it was Stromgarde's military that had wiped out Alterac, and so they might be less inclined to trade with Alteraci sailors. For that reason Lordaeron too was out of the question, as the risk of capture even though they were no friend of Alterac was too great. Ultimately they settled on Gilneas, who had a cordial relationship with Alterac before they had betrayed the Alliance, and as such it would have represented the best chance Belzac had to offload all the supplies. Additionally Belzac had heard through his own sources that surviving members of the Alteraci nobles who had stayed loyal to the Alliance rather than join the rest in their treason had claimed asylum in Gilneas, so he could potentially reunite with some of his kinsmen and perhaps help them reclaim Alterac from the traitors that had befouled its name during the war.

With a course set the Sea Ghost took to the waves and the journey was mostly uneventful. As Belzac had torn down the Alteraci sails and had them replaced he was not stopped or shot at by any Alliance vessels that he passed and eventually he made it to Gilneas where he docked his ship beyond the reefs and then rowed in on smaller boats with the supplies ready for sale. The people of Gilneas were more than happy to accept the supplies, not for the rebuilding effort, but for a great wall that was being constructed, and seeing that there was potential for even more profit as long as this wall was being built, Belzac and his crew agreed to sail from Gilneas to Booty Bay, establishing a trade route of sorts, to ensure the Gilneans had the supplies they needed for their continued construction.

The Worgen Curse

Trade continued for Belzac between Booty Bay and Gilneas as the years went by, but soon rebuilding supplies became weapons and he was also ferrying refugees out of Gilneas as a civil war broke out within the nation. Additionally news of undead armies beyond the wall were heard by him and his crew, along with the revelation that Lordaeron had been destroyed by this new enemy. Thankfully beyond the wall there was no risk of attack by the undead, but that didn't mean there weren't additional threats. During one night in particular, while Belzac was on the deck of the Sea Ghost, a wild beastlike creature assaulted his ship. While he drove it off with his axes and shot, it left a nasty bite on his arm, which grew more and more irritating over time. By the time Belzac realized something was very wrong it was too late, the curse gripped him and he transformed into one of the beasts himself, quickly turning on his crew who were all transformed as well over time. The Sea Ghost earned its name, as the howls of the Worgen over the foggy ocean sounded like the mournful wails of the dead.

Trade stopped as Belzac and the crew succumbed to the wild nature of the curse, and it was not lifted for some time, not until Night Elves from Kalimdor happened to spot the vessel off the coast. Boarding to find out what had happened to the crew, they used their magic to subdue and then 'cure' every sailor and Belzac himself, returning their mental faculties and allowing them to become almost human once more. Thanking their new friends, Belzac and his crew attempted to get their bearings and managed to do so in time to avoid becoming targets by the Forsaken Navy, who had sailed to Gilneas along with a much larger force to the north with the aim of conquering the kingdom. Unable to help the people on the land, Belzac and his crew waited for a time until they were called upon to help the surviving Gilneans evacuate and sail for distant Kalimdor, along with their new Night Elf allies.