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Lord Berenal Grayblade, Leader of the Blades of Greymane




Worgen (Human)






Brigadier General of the Blades of Greymane
The Fang of the North
The Wolf of Gilneas
Duke of the Ashen Coast
Marcher Lord of the Bite


BladesIcon.png The Blades of Greymane
Duchyoftheashencoast.png Duchy of the Ashen Coast
Grand Alliance Icon.png Grand Alliance
GilneasIcon1.png Kingdom of Gilneas




Aleyina Nathair (wife)
Haverin Grayblade, (Father, deceased)
Erleia Grayblade, (Mother, deceased)
Eredin Grayblade, (Brother, deceased)
Aeydan Wald (Half-Brother)
Liam Grayblade (Son)
Rose Grayblade (Daughter)
Desmond Nathair-Grayblade (Son)
Dahlia Grayblade (Daughter)
Garrett Duskfield (Cousin)
Willund Duskfield (Cousin)
Alaranar Lightblade (Cousin)



Berenal Grayblade (born Oct. 25th, 1116 F.A.) is the current leader of the Blades of Greymane, and a Brigadier General in the Gilnean Military. He is a large man with prominent features across his body, his face well maintained and his eyes a shining light blue; a crescent scar alongside his left eye. Berenal is known for his confidence in the face of danger, as well as his perseverance in adverse situations. His holdings of land lay in the Ashen Coast of the Kingdom of Gilneas, where he rules as Duke.


For a full detailing of Berenal's history, please see Berenal on the Blades Wiki.

Early life

Berenal's life has been one of mostly hardships, from childhood to adulthood, he has always had a hard time keeping a grasp on things close to him. Born to Haverin and Erleia Grayblade, Berenal was set to be the heir to the March of the Bite, a large expanse of land within the southern region of Gilneas known as the Ashen Coast. However, due to his father's unwillingness to capitulate to a mercenary group who wished to form a significant hold over the region; his parents were slain and the capital of Bannhurst was destroyed.

Believed to have been killed in the aftermath, Berenal lived on the streets of Gilneas City for many years before being found by a former servitor of his father. Through a series of events, Berenal reunited with his cousin and later brother; though the latter would eventually lead to the former's demise. Framed for the death of his uncle and cousin, his uncle having taken command of the bulk of the Ashen Coast, Berenal was arrested for a year before the charges were dropped upon inconclusive evidence. Instead of reclaiming his birth right, Berenal abandoned it to the charge of Xavier Gregor, another ally of his father, and joined the military under the Blades of Greymane.

This led to a significant stint of violence in his life that ultimately led to Berenal becoming a Worgen during the invasion of Gilneas. Left as one of the last of the Blades of Greymane, and feeling a sense of purpose at last, Berenal reunited with his lords and began to rebuild the storied order to glory once again.

Military Service

During the period of the Cataclysm, Berenal spent the bulk of his time rebuilding the order from the ground up. The Blades engaged against the Horde ,primarily the Forsaken, building up many allies such as the League of Lordaeron. Though their performance was mixed at first, the Blades eventually made a name for themselves among the many orders of Azeroth that bore the colors of the Alliance.

During this period, Berenal's personal life was tumultuous at best. Having two children to two separate women over a span of years, his two first failed marriages spurned the man to the idea of it going forward. While he would hold a number of romances, his time was mostly occupied by the Blades as a whole and driven by his desire to see Gilneas reclaimed, rebuilt, and the Forsaken destroyed. As time went on, Berenal continued to exemplify his service across numerous battlefields, from the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, to far reaching Northrend and eventually areas such as Pandaria and beyond. While he did not engage much in the qualms concerning Alternate Draenor, his people grew in Gilneas as he cultivated the Duchy of the Ashen Coast as a safeland within Gilneas for the restoration of the kingdom.

During these times, his morality was tested, as a number of betrayals, duplicity and failures chipped away at his previously well-meaning persona. As duke, Berenal managed to ultimately forge the Ashen Coast into a unified land. This unity, however, came at a price. Rebellion, internal strife and a number of lapses in judgment amongst his lords forced Berenal to take on a very stern and unforgiving perspective. Local strife with the Galuyn, a sub-culture within Gilneas that considered themselves the true natives of the land, led to many battles that were fueled by a mixture of insidious generation-spanning politics and dark magic. After quelling these rebellions and ultimately defeating the leader of the Galuyn faction known as the Wickers, the Wicker King, Berenal took a look at his lands to find that he had still yet to scratch at the surface of what needed to be done.

Duke of the Ashen Coast

While now a Duke, he still led the Blades abroad whenever Gilneas needed them to represent the kingdom. This culminated with the invasion of the Burning Legion, where the Blades were called to represent the kingdom and Berenal served in his new capacity as Brigadier General, promoted from his station of High Commander.

As a General and Duke, the man took on hefty responsibilities that drew much of his emotional duress to bare in private. Dealing with addiction that took many forms, the most insidious being his battles with alcoholism, Berenal nearly lost himself several times. In addition, the strain of the war against the Legion had taxed the Ashen Coast heavily. This culminated in his marriage to another powerful neighboring lord, the Countess Aleyina Nathair. While their relationship was built off of lust and business originally, a love grew between them that brought the two to new heights in the duchy's history.

Local strife continued to plague the region, though with Aleyina's help the Ashen Coast was progressively stabilized under his leadership. As a woman of Galuyn blood, Aleyina was useful for capitulating the still wary clans that had been taken into Gilneas' wing following the death of the Wicker King. After a number of reckless decisions by the Galuyn leadership, it ultimately led to Aleyina taking on responsibility as a leader of her people. Though the two had sired two children together, Aleyina and Berenal's initially well-formed marriage began to sour.

Berenal's progressively degrading mental state had led to his repeated lying and paranoia concerning his wife. The two could no longer see eye to eye, and while efforts were made to fix this, it ultimately failed by the time of the Fourth War; where their marriage was little more than a business arrangement once again. Dedicating himself to the war, Berenal tossed away what remained of his personal life in favor of giving his children and his people a better future at the cost of himself.

The Fourth War and Dark Magics

The Fourth War taxed Berenal as no other war had, breaking down the full nature of his degrading state of mind. His insatiable need for vengeance consumed him and fueled the majority of his actions against the Horde, which typically ended in vast swaths of destruction. Refusing to relent, Berenal's recklessness also bound him in the grip of dark magics that threatened his very soul. Consumed by energies of the Nightmare that had been locked away inside of him from previous interactions with the insidious magic, Berenal was saved only by the intervention of his wife and an artifact known as the Hand of Thryym.

This artifact would ultimately lead to a new path for Berenal, as after dealing with the remnants of a Galuyn splinter-group known as the Gnarled Confederation, the spirit that possessed the hand threatened to kill and consume his being to act as its new host. The intervention of his wife, Aleyina, led to an alternate fate. Though their marriage had eroded, and Aleyina had grown to hate Berenal, she felt pity for the insanity that threatened to consume him. Brokering a deal, the spirit within ultimately did consume Berenal's essence, though it was merged into a single new soul that would allow Berenal to continue forth in his life; albeit as the result of the mixture of what remained of himself and the new Drust spirit that Aleyina had made a deal with. This brought changes to his personality, though stabilized his mind at last.

Still holding vengeance in his heart, Berenal led the charge on Silverpine through a massive invasion that could have ended with the Gilnean control of the forest had the war not ended. With the coming of peace, the Gilneans were foreced into duplicitous measures of their own to keep the conflict going just long enough to secure the border of Gilneas and end the dark chapter of Forsaken oppression at the gates of their kingdom. Returning home, Berenal's fate was forever changed by this new dark pact his wife had made on his behalf; though whether it was to be for his benefit or his downfall has yet to be seen.


The Grayblade family on Hallow's End.

Berenal has been known to have had many a woman warm his bed at night, something he isn't ashamed of admitting. However, not many of them have actually been relationships.

Faieryn Listran

Faieryn was a Gilnean huntress Berenal met while rebuilding the Blades, the two had courted for quite sometime. Having proposed to Faieryn during a time of prosperity within the order, the two were near inseperable for quite sometime. Berenal would often go off with her on small trips around the forests to wander and hunt with each other.

She vanished mysteriously one day and her body later turned up several months after her disappearance, much to Berenal's dismay.

Miraania Angylous/Silverthread

Miraania was a Gilnean paladin and was the second person Berenal had any sort of long lasting relationship with. Theirs was mostly flirtatious and caring on their off hours. Despite having had a very close bond, the two did eventually seperate due to various reasons. Miraania eventually ended up marrying Alexander Allen, who would go on to have an affair with Berenal's own wife Katariena. After various outbreaks of violence against other Blades members, her friendship with Berenal eventually ended. She would later disappear, leaving Alexander.

Following the discovery of Pandaria, Miraania once again resurfaced, rejoining the Blades under a false name. Berenal would eventually discover her, and despite their bad ending embraced her back into the fold happily. She would later be killed and resurrected outside of Berenal's knowledge. Upon resurrection her will was bent to the control of a powerful shadowmage under Berenal's employ by sheer chance. Upon discovery of who she was, she was set free and rejoined the Blades while on the path of returning to her roots as a paladin.

Katariena Wicker

Katariena was an afflicted gilnean woman, Berenal's first wife and the mother of his son Liam Eredin Grayblade. Despite her outward appearance as a loving mother and wife, Katariena was prone to spurts of infidelity, especially with Alexander Allen. Upon discovery of this, Berenal threatened to leave her several times, only staying because of the child and her pleading. Though he'd only caught her with Alexander, others have stated to have seen Katariena with other men during her time with Berenal, much to his displeasure.

Katariena went missing following one of the campaigns and ended up being found sometime later dead. She was buried in Stormwind City, where Berenal visited her grave regularly until the news of how deep her infidelity truly was drove him to hate her memory.

Elizabeth Roslyn

Elizabeth was a Lordaeronian scarlet half elf, Berenal's second wife, and the mother of his daughter Rose Grayblade. A former noblewoman with a fair amount of wealth from assets that were reclaimed by her family, the fair Lordaeronian was able to easily seduce the man upon their initial meetings. Elizabeth and Berenal's relationship was troubled early on with infidelity, with frequent bouts between the two of them that would end with neither side pleased. Eventually her infidelity was curbed, but other obstacles made the relationship sour.

Her father, Leon Roslyn, and herself were once members of the Scarlet Crusade, and her father disapproved not only of her relationship with a Gilnean, but with one that was a Worgen. After Elizabeth was nearly assassinated and entered a coma while pregnant with Rose, Leon attempted to take her body from the Blades custody, only to be fended off.

Leon would return several times to attempt to steal Rose from Berenal, each being met with hostility until Elizabeth's awakening. She'd suffered multiple mental lapses during her time following her coma, and had slipped once again into infidelity with another member of the Blades. Berenal, having run out of patience with her constant shifts away from him, ousted her from his life. They divorced and both moved on, with their daughter remaining in Berenal's custody. Some time later, Elizabeth ended up dying; having offended several people during her stints in Stormwind, she was shanked to death in a back alleyway and left for dead.

Sage Claymoore

Sage was a Stormwind born Kirin tor magus, Berenal's fiancee. Having been close friends with Berenal for quite sometime, a romance blossomed one day sometime after both of them had divorced from their spouses. It was a tender and caring relationship, though sometimes strained by the times away from each other they'd spent and how often it would happen.

Unlike his previous two wives, Sage was extremely devoted to Berenal, even in times of absence. They never wed, though were engaged, living a happy life in Gilneas for the most part, both of them having children outside of each other.

Tragically, several months after the marriage Sage was killed in a magical experiment gone wrong that incinerated her body. The incident left Berenal jaded against magic for a short time. She had a memorial built by the Blades in Tempest's Reach that was sent off to sea, and her children are currently in the custody of Sage's uncle, with the exception of Sebastian, who is enlisted in the Blades and has taken Berenal's name.

Caridis Delythie

Berenal and Caridis, sketched by Kenyth Seyne at a Hallow's End celebration.

Caridis is a Lordaeronian born Worgen woman who Berenal met shortly after the forming of the Bulwark and the death of his companion, Sage. Though at first the two were merely flirtatious. Caridis initially sought the commander out for his skills in Engineering, as she was learning the trade and sought some aid in designing a Flying Machine. Eager to help, Lord Grayblade assisted Caridis with constructing her first (working) flying machine. Following this, the commander grew fond of her company and the pair was seen with one another in Silverpine Forest and Gilneas on and off. The two eventually spent a night together and following this spent several months apart.

Following the decline of Grey Haven, Caridis sought Berenal out shortly after the reclamation of Gregor's Crossing. Seeing as many of her old friends had suddenly vanished or gone onto other prospects, Caridis enlisted in the Blades. It wasn't long after until Berenal and Cari's relationship kicked back up, and eventually became official shortly after Karnsburg was secured from the Cobalstants. The two became inseparable, days often spent in each others company alone.

The two's relationship strained due to distance until it came to an abrupt end due to the War against the Iron Horde. Still reeling form the Second Range Rebellion, the Ashen Coast nobility was ordered to remain within Azeroth. Despite this, Caridis charged through the portal after having claimed she would only vanguard up until the portal was clear. As a result, Berenal no longer sought to continue their relationship; as it had been the final straw.

Nelany Faersong

File:2 (2).jpg

Berenal and Nelany.

Berenal had a brief tryst with the sin'dorei Nelany Faersong. The two came together in the aftermath of the Shadows of Valor campaign, though it never blossomed into anything extremely significant in terms of the relationship it's self.

The two met on and off during their down periods, and they held an extremely close friendship during their time together. When Faersong ultimately ended up joining the Blades full time alongside some of her order, the two of them ended their tryst, though remain very close friends.

Aleyina Nathair

Berenal, Aleyina and the children, Rose and Liam.

A noblewoman from the Fallow Crest, Berenal met Aleyina as result of an agreement to secure aid for the Ashen Coast and additional funding for the Blades of Greymane. Their interaction was decided from the beginning, as Lady Nathair sought a political arrangement between herself and Berenal.

The arrangement thus far has become more than just agreeable, with the two finding genuine enjoyment with one another's company, though the word 'love' would be a far judgement on the pair.

Berenal and Aleyina, marrying upon the cove of the Farraige a Rugadh Hills.

Since they were married, his wife has acclimated very quickly to his children. Having formally adopted them as her own, his daughter, Rose, in particular has attached herself to Aleyina.

The Grayblade Family portrait, including one of their dogs, Azul, and Rose's faerie dragon, Lemon.

In the time since then, they have had two more children, the twins Desmond and Dahlia.

Physical Appearance

Berenal's appearance can be split into two categories, his human and worgen form. In both of his forms he possessed a multitude of scars, though most could be seen with greater ease in his human form, without the fur in the way.


Standing at about 6'4", Berenal gives off the appearance of a calculated yet calm man. An ever vigilant gaze to his surroundings, coupled by a face devoid of emotions in most situations, the man could be easily perceived as unsettling to those who might expect the average man. Even with his vigilant disposition, his body language was that of a calmed man.

When closer, one could see his striking light blue eyes which almost at times seem incandescent in nature. Coupled with his piercing gaze, the man seemed to exude a sense of control and even temperament. Running along the left side of his face is a large crescent shaped scar that just barely skates around the eye it's self. Though the eye remains undamaged, the scar still looks like it would have been extremely painful to have obtained as it is somewhat jagged along the outer reaches of the scar, likely from a serrated edge.

Berenal and Aleyina in dress attire at the Ashen Vanguard's Military Gala.

His jet black hair sits loftily on his head, billowing down to a neat length and is connected on his face to a rather plentiful beard. Despite the wealth of hair, he takes care to ensure he maintains a well kept and managed appearance. His skin is an average tone, leaning towards the pale side due to the nature of his homeland. Though signs of stress are evident on his features, his face lacks wrinkles and he carries a youthful, if not tempered, appearance.

His body is rigidly trained, broad shoulders coupled with solid muscles and fitting abdominal shaping. A physique that demands maintenance, the man's form showed a perfect blend of strength without sacrificing his mobility. Scars line his chest and arms, eventually running down to his left arm which abruptly meets a metal brace. Along the brace is a hand crafted of moonsteel and obsidium, a replacement for his hand that was lost. The contraption moves fluidly, irremovably attached to the man, and substitutes his missing appendage with ease.

His demeanor depends on the situation at hand, in most situations he is calm and speaks with a commanding presence to his voice. His voice is a deep, somewhat scratchy, tone; coupled with an accent that varies in clarity depending on his mood. In battle or amongst those he is casual with, his accent veers into a less practiced variant; a stark contrast to his usual business tone of clarity.


Berenal in his worgen form.

As a Worgen, Berenal stands at a height larger than most. The pale skin and jet black hair now replaced with dark ebon fur. If possible, his eyes have become even more piercing, taking on the unwavering gaze of the wolf. In this form, his cunning has coupled now with ferocity; adding together to an unsettling mix of control and reckless abandon. Acute awareness seems prominent in his body language, as though constantly taking stock of his surroundings.

His face was that of a large wolf. A maw filled with razor sharp teeth, a nose possessing considerably more strength in terms of its sense. His body language was akin to his human side, though with a distinct edge onto the composure. Rather than the even temperament and calmness, he instead exuded a much more guarded demeanor, the calmness now more akin to a hunter's cunning than a politician or businessman. Once more, his crescent scar made its appearance in this form as well through slightly discolored fur that ran along the marred skin.

In this form, his muscles expand out to suit his larger height. Still evenly toned, the worgen's inherent swiftness along with his built body allows for the man to strike with even more power and agility. With fur to cover it, the scars that lined the worgen's body were oft not seen, aside from occasional discoloration of the fur akin to his facial scar. The metalic hand shifts to suit his transformation, now similar to that of his worgen claw, so as to continue the transition as a suitable replacement to match his still flesh wolvine claw.

His demeanor in his worgen form is, as before, dependant on mood. More often than not, he will not transition ito this form outside of a hostile situation. As a result, his voice is often met with a less practiced accent, a deeper baratone now added on top of his typically scratchy voice.

Weaponry and Armaments

Berenal is known for his use of various types of weapons. From guns to bows to swords, the man has been known for a wide arsenal at his disposal, but prefers a few specific weapons when on the field.

Moonwrought Armor

Berenal's most well known armor is a set of finely crafted Moonsteel armor. Coupled with sturdy leather, the armor is a mix of lobstered mail and very minor amounts of plate along his shoulders. Blackened and usually accompanied by a cloak of some sort, the mail has seen Berenal through the entirity of the Legion's invasion to Azeroth, and has served him well in many battles. The armor it's self is well maintained and parts are often replaced as they are damaged in battle; though the style of the armor is almost always kept the same.

Because of its lighter quality, Berenal is often able to retain his agility when using this armor; as it has been fitted specially to adapt between his human and worgen forms.

Iscian Plate

A gift from his wife, Aleyina Nathair, the Iscian plate is a set of Galuyn-made platemail that was gifted to Berenal following a near disastrous excursion beyond the wall. Taking inspiration from the woman's diety, Iscia, the plate is inspired partially off of a serpentine design. Coupled with chainmail and leather, the armor is much more durable than Berenal's standard Moonwrought Armor; but otherwise serves its purpose well.

While he still prefers his moonwrought armor, Berenal has taken to wearing the Iscian Plate when intense battles are upon the horizon, as the extra protection allows him to continue fighting. While rarely adorned with it, the Plate comes with a helmet akin to a headdress; inspired from the appearance of the water serpent Iscia.



Berenal's favored weapon in his arsenal is a two handed sword named Fenrus. Finely crafted with a iron vine motif along the blade, the sword was gifted to him by Lord Xavier Gregor for his leadership and service to the Kingdom of Gilneas. Following Bite's being damaged at the Battle of Andorhal, Berenal took up Fenrus in order to continue defending himself on the field. The blade saw its first use during the Blades' return to the Ashen Coast of Gilneas in order to reclaim Gregor's Crossing from the mercenaries that had besieged it.

During the push to reclaim the town's docks, Fenrus was shattered by a tauren mercenary, and was later repaired using Elven steel by Ranger Lady Aeriyth Dawnsorrow. This was done as an insurance measure for the blade to be even more durable should it break again. As the High Commander became more accustomed to plate mail armor, Fenrus slowly began to replace Bite as his primary weapon until the gun was repaired following the retaking of Karnsburg.

The Blade went through a final iteration when it was re-crafted entirely out of Ash Iron; as Xavier's original iteration had been a blend of the material and standard steel. Having lasted Berenal through many a war, it was enchanted by a scion of Goldrinn, thus allowing it to channel the fury of the Wolf Ancient. While Berenal is not adapt at channeling magic, the blade's ability comes forth as enhancing his strikes; only erupting out when he needs it the most.


Berenal's most long lived weapon is his heavily modified rifle named Bite. Originally a simple hunting rifle, Berenal's constant modifications and switching of parts on the piece have left little of the original design in tact. A highly accurate scope, custom made ammunition, a mahogany wood stock and a barrel made of the finest metal money can buy, the weapon is truly an example of fine Gilnean craftsmanship. The gun is finished with a sharpened bayonet used for slicing, rather than stabbing as the blade is not longer than the barrel.

Bite was damaged and broken at the Second Battle of Andorhal by a member of the Kor'kron during final assault on the Forsaken's section of the city. The gun was repaired following the purge of Cobal's Hold and the retaking of Karnsburg, however it has seen little use since then. Having an emotional tie to the sword with the death of Lord Xavier, and having grown accustomed to leading alongside his men, Berenal rarely brandishes the gun, favoring his blade instead.

Dog's Tooth

Dog's Tooth.

An extremely old yet well maintained dagger knife that has been in the Grayblade family for generations. Designed with wolf head pommel, the knife has seen Berenal through many situations and he always keeps it on him at all times. It was used by Haverin Grayblade when the Grayblade Manor was raided, and was tossed out the window in an attempt to slay one of the home invaders. Berenal found the knife on the streets of Bannhurst before the evacuation and has kept it with him ever since then.


Originally an elven runeblade known as Faral'amir, gifted to Berenal. It was an extremely old, yet durable blade made of fine elven steel and engraved with several runes of unknown power. It was shattered during the Battle for Andorhal when Berenal deflected an oncoming blow meant for the League of Lordaeron soldier Alverdo Blackmoore. Following the battle, Faral'amir was reforged into a different weapon.

Following Faral'amir's shattering, Berenal had the blades' metal smelted with dwarven steel to create an entirely new longsword. Naming it Cerberus, the longsword can be found on Berenal's person at all times, bearing none of the runes of its predecessor. Cerberus is commonly used alongside a large spiked shield when used in battle. Cerberus was altered and forged alongside a second blade into two serrated true gold broadswords, used when the Duke dual wields.


Berenal's Worgen form.

Berenal is known to be a kind soul to those who have earned his trust, and respectful to those he has just met (bar the Horde). A strong believer in Alliance unification, Berenal is opposed to internal fighting within the Alliance, having seen how it weakened Gilneas as a nation, and how strong they stood against the Forsaken threat when finally reunited.

His opinions of those who cross him are usually harsh at first, but mellow over time and are eventually forgiving. Those who cross him a second time do not get such graces ever again.

Though initially apprehensive of the life of courts and nobility, Berenal has become surprisingly adept at managing and maneuvering the political landscape. Possessing some what of a silver tongue, the Duke has been known to win over potential allies and make fast friends.

Berenal is a worshiper of the Light and the Old Ways, though he rarely professes his faith in the latter. He is known to venerate Goldrinn for the tenacity and virtues he exemplifies. Though not a religious man, Berenal has taken time on occasion to pray, normally at night when his children are asleep.