Beve Perenolde




Alterac Icon Alteraci






Princess of Alterac
Leader of the Syndicate (presumed)


Alteracbordericonfull Alterac Syndicate (presumed)
Alterac Icon Kingdom of Alterac


Alive (presumed)


Aiden Perenolde, father
Isolde Perenolde, mother
Aliden Perenolde, brother
Isiden Perenolde, cousin

Princess Beve Perenolde was the only daughter of King Aiden Perenolde and Queen Isolde Perenolde and was thus Princess of the fallen Kingdom of Alterac. Like her brother Aliden, not much is known about her early life prior to the Second War other than that she was sent to Lordaeron City to study magic (although why Lordaeron was chosen over Dalaran remains a mystery). As a result she was not involved in the betrayal of Alterac, having been in Lordaeron City for most of the war although she was branded with the stigma of being part of the traitor kings family.

After Aiden Perenolde traded the Book of Medivh to the Horde in exchange for Alterac's 'liberation' from the Alliance, Beve abandoned her training, willingly joining her family in exile having been fiercely devoted to them, even though they were considered criminals by all the remaining Alliance kingdoms. Despite this loyalty it is rumored that she never saw eye to eye with her father, much like Aliden, and there was even talk that she was planning to assassinate the former King so that she could take his power for herself. None of this ever came to fruition however, as Aidan Perenolde vanished from the known world and Aliden Perenolde claimed his power for himself.

Her current status is unknown. With the death of her brother Aliden at the hands of the Horde she is considered by many to be the head of the now shattered Perenolde family, however she has not been seen or heard from since her willing departure from Lordaeron City.