Lord Binor Dungalion
Horseman of Respect


Kingdom of Stromgarde


Knight of the Silver Hand
Admiral of the Highguard Navy
Duke of Quel'Belore
Regent Lord of Twilight's Grasp
Baron of Stonegarde
Baron of Dawntide
Viscount of Verdantis


Kingdom of Stromgarde
Order of the Silver Hand
Grand Alliance
The Highguard
House of Dawnsorrow


Aeriyth Dawnsorrow (Wife)
Aurelias Dawnsorrow (Step-son)
Kira Starfall (Step-daughter)
Quorra Dawnsorrow (Step-daughter)
Baelfire Dawnsorrow† (Step-son)
Orithore Dawnsorrow† (Step-son)

Lord Binor Dungalion, or Sir Dungalion the True, is a loyal son of Stromgarde and an experienced Knight of the Order of the Silver Hand.


Lord Admiral of The Highguard


Sir Binor Dungalion is a human of average height. He looks well-built and fit, suggesting a physically active lifestyle. Should he be wearing his armor, it would only contribute to the image of a battle-ready soldier. His skin is tanned and weathered from long exposure to sea, salt, sun, and wind.

He carries himself with a clean, straight posture, indicative of past military training. However, though he looks like a hardened veteran, his expression seems softer and kinder than might be expected.

Though his clothing and armor may vary, he is always seen with his libram. When in armor, the libram hangs from a chain attached at his belt. He also has a longsword sheathed at his left hip while his heavy war mace is slung across his back. When in more casual attire, the tome hangs by an elegant but simple rope from his belt while he often carries a hefty one-handed red axe at his side.


Binor was too young to remember much of the Second War. Aside from the fearful and militant atmosphere in Stromgarde at the time due to its proximity to the events of the war, Binor was largely unaffected. However, he was raised in a heavily military lifestyle as a result.

In the relatively peaceful years between the Second and Third Wars, Binor traveled much across the Eastern Kingdoms. He stayed in Kul Tiras for a time, where he acquired his passion for life on the high seas as an apprentice sailor. It was also during this time that Binor earned his knighthood in the kingdom of Stromgarde, and was initiated as a paladin into the Order of the Silver Hand.

Binor fought to protect his homeland in the Third War, but was called to sail to Kalimdor in Jaina Proudmoore's contingent due to his previous time with the Tirasian people. When he finally returned, his home had been decimated by the Boulderfist ogres and the Syndicate.


Admiral of The Highguard Navy
Preceded by
Arradion Sunseeker
Binor Dungalion Succeeded by
Co-Regnant of Quel'Belore
Preceded by
Dareth'el Dawnfire
Binor Dungalion Succeeded by
Baron of Dawntide
Preceded by
Fenladril Sunspear
Binor Dungalion Succeeded by
Regnant of Stonegarde
Preceded by
Joren Marwyn
Binor Dungalion Succeeded by
Co-Regent of Twilight's Grasp
Preceded by
Elinidel Shan'darei
Binor Dungalion Succeeded by
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