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The Black Braids
Black Braid Flag


Thiago Itheca
Johanna Milidynes

Bases of Operations

Sandshire, Tick Tock Tower/Reacher's Isle

Theaters of Operations


The Black Braid Fleet



The Black Braids were a small group of hardened adventurers turned criminal pirates that operated the in the Great and South Seas. Amidst the Blood War, the Black Braids thrived in the wartime chaos, this ultimately led them to be targeted and destroyed at hands of the Stormwind Navy on January 3rd 38 L.C.

After their capture, some cooperative members were allowed to join the Stormwind Penal Regiment as an alternative to execution.

Despite spending most of their time at sea, the Black Braids captured Reacher's Isle, where they made Tick Tock Tower their base for counterfeiting coins. A short time later they captured Sandshire during their criminal exploits in Tanaris. After their disbandment, Reacher's Isle was abandoned and Sandshire was turned into an Alliance mining hub.

The Black Braids were mostly known to target trade ships, plunder ancient tombs, and thieve primeval artifacts they later sold to black market buyers.

They were also known to be a slyer group of pirates when it suited them. At one point successfully fooling the Kingdom of Stormwind into giving them privateer status.


  • The inspiration for the Black Braid name came from the widely known pirate known as Blackbeard.
  • Thiago named the group after his wife, Johanna Milidynes who often wore her black hair in braids. In a similar instance, the ship name of Braided Maiden also refers to her braids.