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The Black Morass and the Dark Portal.


Black Morass was the area that is now commonly known as the Blasted Lands. It is where the orcs first appeared in Azeroth through the Dark Portal. Around the time of the First War, the Morass Road traversed the swamp. During the Second War this area was the domain of the Black Tooth Grin Clan, who were entrusted with the keeping of the Dark Portal.

The Morass was once similar to the Swamp of Sorrows to its north, but when the Dark Portal opened the area around it began to wither. By the time of the Alliance's destruction of the Portal much of the land was nothing more than parched red soil devoid of plant-life, mirroring Draenor's Hellfire Peninsula.Yet the rift between the two worlds remained, and its damaging effects continued. This left behind a completely waterless, treeless wasteland which became known as the Blasted Lands.