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The Bladespire Clan is an ancient clan of Ogres native to the world of Draenor. Since time immemorial, the Bladespire have fought with their ancient rivals, the Bloodmaul Clan, for control of their shared territory. The Bladespire are the dominant Ogre clan on Outland today, led by the powerful Ogre Lord Maulgar.


The Bladespire Clan take their name from the Blade's Edge Mountain, the tallest mountain in Frostfire Ridge. It is this snowy mountain of sharp, freezing obsidian that the Bladespire would build their home into, trampling it beneath generations of fists and tools until it became fortress and citadel. In ancient times, the Bladespire were one of dozens of Ogre Clans paying fealty to the Gorian Empire. In such times, Frostfire Ridge was under firm Gorian control, and the Bladespire played an important part in the overland and sea routes that guard trade around the Zangar Sea.

As the years on Draenor wore on, the Gorian Empire would reach its height shortly before its greatest blow was struck to it. Four hundred years before the Dark Portal, the Doom of Goria annihilated the heart of the Gorian Empire. Though the Empire survived the grievous blow, it would not recover, and remained on the decline after the loss of their capital city. Far removed from the new capital in distant Highmaul, the city of Bladespire Hold secured its own territory and became akin to its own city-state, paying lip-service to the Empire, but for all intents and purposes governing their own affairs.