The Blightlands are an area of the central and western Northern Headlands that was submerged in the Forsaken poison known as the Blight during their initial invasion so as to prevent Gilnean attacks. The region is wrought with peril, the poison having seeped into the land and tainted the plantlife and animals of the region into the point where they are twisted and vile. The air burns with poison, requiring precaution when journeying into some regions of the area; while others the inhabitants of the area prior to its destruction still wander; insane and corrupt from the Forsaken's tampering. The Blightlands extend into the Northgate, though not as extensively.

Known Regions of the BlightlandsEdit


The map of the Blightlands.

  • The Dredge Road, a plague fume infested road that leads into the western reaches of the Northern Headlands. The roads leading to Purehold and Marrow Keep have been, for the most part, kept clean and safe by extensive reclamation efforts.
  • The Blight Fields, formerly the Glory Fields, were an expansive stretch of land that once supported a large community within the Northern Headlands.
  • Marrow Keep, headquarters of the Black Knights of Gilneas.
  • Blumsdale, a village of friendly Blighted who retain control of themselves. Through alchemical breakthroughs, they are progressively getting better.
  • Vernington Keggery, an ale house that once produced a large amount of whiskey for the region. Extensively infested with Blighted.
  • Hillcrest, perhaps one of the most heavily affected zones in the area. Rests on the border of the Blightlands and once housed an amalgamation of the Forsaken's plague come to life. After being dealt with and burned, the region still simmers with poison.
  • Gale's End, former resting place of Stormcaller, now merely a mountainous rise.
  • Coldbrick Hold, a former Gilnean wall keep that was taken by the Forsaken and later destroyed entirely by the 7th Royal Armsman brigade.
  • The Contested Shore, an shore off to the very north west that is the sight of occasional Forsaken invasion, with the desire to re-establish a foot hold in Gilneas. The shore has been spared the fate of the rest of the Blightlands due to its enclosure by mountains and, as such, is a strategic position of value for resources and its ability to harbor life. Commonly referred to as the site of the 'Battle for Gilneas' by some.
  • Purehold, a Gilnean foothold in the region that was established by the Duchy of the Ashen Coast. Manned primarily by the Blades of Greymane, it is also supported by the Crown and several other minor Gilnean movements.
  • Terrikstead, a town located near the Dredge Road that was razed. Its inhabitants later became known as the Terrikstead Outcasts, and had become volatile and violent while retaining enough sanity to lead the Blighted.
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