• Perrington

    Updates to the Wiki Rules

    September 2, 2020 by Perrington

    Hi everyone!

    Since we have new additions to the moderation team on-hand here on the Moon Guard Wiki, we wanted to give people the opportunity to refresh on the Wiki's rules. You can find some of them on the Wiki Policy and Disclaimers page on this site, and there's a more in-depth policy list linked there. You can find the more in-depth rules to the Moon Guard Wiki here: Moon Guard Wiki Policies In-Depth

    One piece we wanted to highlight for newer contributors to the Wiki was:

    Due to concerns with the Artbreeder program and its editing nature, images from this website are not currently allowed on the wiki. This includes artwork that you have either made or purchased that has been edited through the program, as well as randomly generated artwor…

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  • Perrington

    New Moderation

    August 26, 2020 by Perrington

    We've recently added some new Moderation to the team for this website! Please welcome:

    • straita
    • bat of the moon
    • Lily

    They'll be helping administration deal with rooting out some moderation issues You can get in contact with them through the Moon Guard Wiki discord, or through messages on their message boards!

    Feel free to drop into the Wiki's discord for assistance: This link only works for the day.

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  • MarkusRost

    Wiki Manager

    August 19, 2020 by MarkusRost

    Hi, I'm the new Fandom Wiki Manager assigned to the Moon Guard Wiki.

    I'll work as your contact to Fandom staff for wiki related issues. If you need help or have other questions, feel free to contact me.

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  • Shalandrassil


    April 30, 2020 by Shalandrassil

    Honestly might just start wildin' and slow-roast canon at 350 degree F for about 4 to 8 hours and serve de-boned and carved to perfection.

    Been talking about it with the boys for a while and I haven't had a major writing project in a while either; maybe if I post it on here (re; shouting into the void) i can keep the executive disfunction demon at bay for a bit and actually get something down on paper.

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  • Gonder


    February 14, 2020 by Gonder
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  • InsertQuipHere


    February 4, 2020 by InsertQuipHere

    Does anyone know how to unfollow a page? Thank you!

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  • Shalandrassil

    Ah, Beans

    December 3, 2019 by Shalandrassil

    So I didn't have iOS 13.2 so a 15-30 minute reset has become an hour long ordeal. Cool.

    If anyone has any cool fan characters they wanna talk about or you wanna talk about/reccomend me some artists to look at to keep me company, hit me up.

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  • Shalandrassil

    My G's from instagram that brought me to MG wiki will know whats up- I locked myself out of my iphone!! Yay!! Guess where I wrote down the password!! In my iphone's notes!! double yay!! guess who disabled her iphone permanently and hasn't connected to itunes or the cloud in 3 years!! ME!! ITS ME I HAVEN'T. 

    So I'm about to have to take a fat L and factory reset my iphone, and it's gonna take me a bit to guess/reset my instagram password for my warcraft instagram. I know there's only like two people here who probably care wtf happened to me on IG but I felt like posting it on here so. YEET.

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  • InsertQuipHere


    August 30, 2019 by InsertQuipHere

    I made this for no other reason other than I was so damn bored.

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  • Serana Dawnsinger

    Heya does anyone know how to remove categories on a page? Much of Serana's lore has been retconned over time and her current form doesn't reflect many of her categories. Plus she has loads of them, I really want to skim down. 

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  • Gaytheil

    Rumors and Treason

    August 5, 2019 by Gaytheil

    This blog post is going to serve to help track a story line. All are welcome to read and keep up and I hope those who do enjoy what comes out of it. Characters are subject to change either to add or remove depending on how the story goes.

    • Moranai Sunstrike
    • Seylena Sunstrike
    • Valythra Bloodmoon
    • Kora Deathwhisper
    • Arthalden Lightshard
    • Alorinis Bloodarrow

    • House of Sunstrike
    • Safe Haven

    Rumors are being spread during the Tournament of Ages.

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  • Serana Dawnsinger

    Sorry about editing the wiki so much! Serana's got a giant lore development that changes the status of many of my pages. 

    If my editing causes any disturbences please let me know.

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  • Serana Dawnsinger

    I think I may have found a plot hole.... 

    If you kill an undead person and then perform a perfect ressurection on them with the light, would that make them living? Since ressurections attach the soul back to the body completely while undeath is an imperfect soul. 

    This is without taking to account that ressurection is extreemly difficult lorewise by the way. 

    Also, what would happen if a void elf was lightforged? Would they blow up or would it perhaps work? I'm genuinely curious now.... would a void elf going to lightforged be like how a naaru can be 'redeemed' from the void to the light and vice versa?

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  • Perrington

    This is a test.

    July 6, 2019 by Perrington

    Yeah, that's all it is really. This is a test to see if I can get something for homepage news working through blogposts. If this works, you'll be able to see it on the homepage and this means we'll have news updates again!

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  • CaptainFlowerss


    June 26, 2019 by CaptainFlowerss

    Just to make sure, I can add in my character that I use in the Moon Guard server here, telling of his backstory and what-not right?

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  • Serana Dawnsinger

    The internet on my home computer has dropped out! If you want to talk please email me:

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  • Serana Dawnsinger

    Hello all! Do you have any guilds you would recommend a more traditional right-leaning void elf?

    She is a proud Thalassian advocate and thoroughly supports Sin'dorei joining the Alliance, but also is patriotic to Stromgarde and to a lesser extent Lordaeron and Gilneas. She hopes one day for the Grand Alliance to encompass all and more than what the Alliance of Lordaeron did.

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  • Zevrad


    May 8, 2019 by Zevrad

    My player history in WoW was originally a Paladin named Rhayleth and then Zevrad since the pre-patch of Legion. I mainly raided and PvPed until the beginning of 2018 where I got bored and decided to take RP seriously. I began to truly love the concept with the creativity that people project with their OCs and stories. I hope to contribute to this website by also sharing my OCs and story ideas.

    Note that I still have a lot to learn about RPing so if you have any tips or if I am doing anything wrong then please let me know.

    • Discord: Lore#9187
    • BNET: DM Discord For Details
    • Instagram: @zevrad_stargazer
    • Argent Dawn: Zevrad Stargazer 
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  • Keremos
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  • KodiakPackAttack

    Early November, 4E 43

    Not long after the Battle of the Blackwood, Iorwyn spirited away from the Wolfenhold. Her wounds were healing, but something was missing from her soul that had not yet been found… and she needed to find it. With nothing but a few traveling leathers, a cloak, and her horse, she rode out before the sun crested over the mountains. South.

    Her destination was clear -- perhaps the only thing clear in her mind, plagued by doubt and uncertainty -- the Temple of Storms, far down along the coast of Fadryn. No one could help her on this journey but her old mentor… no one could know what listlessness had plagued her. Perhaps it was the Rot? Had taken root in her mind? Perhaps Kaiden would have known how to cure it…

    She shook her…

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  • Aleyina

    Blades Icon Source

    November 8, 2018 by Aleyina

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  • Ryan404000

    Categorizing Your Pages!

    October 11, 2018 by Ryan404000

    Hey everyone! This is your semi-frequent reminder to do the following two things:

    • Categorize your pages
    • When you create a category that does not exist to make sure that you create that category page and categorize it.



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  • Gaytheil

    This was written soooo many years ago. Things happened, especially outside of the game, and the group unfortunately disbanded.

    However, Zyra and I are back and we are working on reviving it as Convocation of Quel'Thalas. With the name change, we are looking for it to broaden wider more than strictly 'Silvermoon Magistrate' that it originally was.

    The thought is to help promote more RP again, especially with the Sin'dorei RPers (the largest of the horde populated races). A base group to establish and grow another's group or RP involving the various military and home-based organizations known to Quel'Thalas.

    This is not a post to answer all questions immediately, but give an idea of what it was and what's going on

    Formerly a hereditary monarchy …

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  • Teateateatea

    below is a compiled masterlist of (most) of the icons i've uploaded to the wiki, both pulled from content and made. if you see anything here that needs credit, let me know! 

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  • Sascz

    Official Moon Guard

    September 9, 2018 by Sascz

    I've started posting content for my House Bloodrose headcanon here; if it differs from official lore or other people's RP, just understand that we all have our own headcanons. As far as I'm concerned, if it's here or referred to here, it's what's going on. 

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  • Ryan404000


    July 29, 2018 by Ryan404000

    Hey everyone, this is just a reminder that when you're making pages of any sort the infobox you should be using is our default infobox (linked below), please refrain from creating new infoboxes especially the really generic ones when the box we have for our wiki works perfectly well and is the only one we truly support and maintain. Along with that, you should know that periodically we delete those extra infoboxes when we come across them, so if you've used one of them your page probably doesn't have an infobox anymore and you should check it to make sure you're using the proper infobox.

    Thanks, Lantos and the Admins

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  • TalibanTaco

    After some fusterating attempts to update the wikia, I have finally found a solution and I want to share it with everybody else incase they too are having the same problem. After troublingshooting with Perrington and the official wikia staff, we have uncovered a solution.

    According to the wikia staff, this bug is currently affecting many users (including myself) within the past week and this is how to work around it until coding is fixed.

    If you use Kaspersky Antivirus/Internet Security such as myself, you may have noticed your changes wont publish to the wikia. So how do we fix this?

    1. If using Chrome (Firefox users, you're on your own), navigate to the settings menu on the top right and click the "extensions" button under the "more tools" …

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  • Varadu

    The following is a comprehensive guide to editing Moon Guard Wiki pages via the source editor in a universal language called wikitext. Editing with the source editor, opposed to the visual editor, can allow you to manipulate pages easier and quicker once you've gotten the hang of it. In this guide, I'll be covering all of the main aspects of wikitext.

    There are two main "editors" on Wikia, both of which allowing source mode editing; the visual editor, which is default, and the classic editor. I recommend the classic editor for source mode editing because it's better designed for it. The visual editor's source mode is more-so designed for quick tweaks while mainly editing a page in visual mode.

    To place raw text on a page with wikitext, you d…

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  • Aretain King

    Hey folks, just throwing another blog post out there for viewing.

    The debate about what year we're currently set in is one that varies from person to person. Some people, preferring to follow their own interpretations of the lore and events set therein, claim that the year is currently Year 38, others who follow the canon more exclusively, believe it's Year 32.

    Thankfully, after much debate, the official answer is in, thanks to Creative Director, Alex Afrasiabi.

    Battle for Azeroth will be occurring in Year 33.

    Now, what does this mean for you? Well, it could mean nothing, or it could cause a substantial change depending on what timeline you've chosen to follow. Since it is currently y…

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  • Nbalchemist


    November 6, 2017 by Nbalchemist

    Not to worry everyone! All of my edits to pages that aren't my own are simply adding categories because I love badges. The categories are relevant to the pages, no worries!

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  • Nbalchemist


    November 6, 2017 by Nbalchemist

    Hello all! I don't have much to say other than hi. I'll try to be more active here!

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  • Dtorina

    [This page is a constant work-in-progress and will be updated as time goes on]

    This is a post that'll contain all icons, current and future, for the Embershield Protectorate pages.

    These are the Protectorate Military Force icons, the top-most being used for decoration on a page, or for the infobox image on the Protectorate Military page. The bottom-most is used for the infobox icons when using affiliations or service branches for Embershield Protectorate or Kingdom of Dawnlight characters.

    These are the banners for the divisions in the Embershield Protectorate, only to be utilized in the pages, never in the infoboxes of characters.

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  • KodiakPackAttack

    Originally posted on July 28th, 2017 on my blog

    NIGHT BEGAN TO FALL on Thunder Bluff; the steady, calm drumbeats from the giant totem upon the central rise echoed over the windswept bluffs to signal the end of the day and that wall was well. Naharak knew a horn would sound to signal An’she’s dipping below the horizon and that the day was officially coming to an end.

    He walked on the bridge between the Low and Spirit Rise. Every step he took was filled with the quiet whine of the wood under his hooves and the clinking of the mail of his armor or the small totems on his belt. He walked with purpose, each long stride taken to get him to his residence on the Spirit Rise so that he could connect with that which he chained.

    The ritual was complex in…

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  • Ryan404000

    Hello hello you beautiful people,

    It is me Lantos, once more here to announce something, this time though it's not an admin thing, it's my own personal project. I am working on a whole bunch of Lordaeronian theme'd fanon. Generally this fanon (released, updated, tweaked over the next few months) will focus on all aspects of Lordaeron, from the Dissolution Period, all the way to the Kingdom, and then post Kingdom with the Argents, Scourge, and maybe some Forsaken stuff. If people want to help out or contribute, just contact me! I am not saying this fanon is like, for everyone. It's only for people who want to use it, like all fanon on here, to tease stuff I've been posting in Discord, using a drawn out version of the ingame map, created by K…

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  • Kessarah


    April 29, 2017 by Kessarah

    I really like my badges.


    Just a heads up: If you see that I've edited one of your pages, do not fear. I've ONLY ADDED CATEGORIES TO THEM  (and only categories that are relevant to said pages) .  I will not touch anything else unless you specifically ask me to.


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  • Ryan404000

    As it is slightly known we do infact have a discord available! If you wish to join it, the best way is to contact any admins over Discord or ingame for an invite code!


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  • Ryan404000

    Good morning users of the Wiki! This isa public service announcement for all users of the Wiki.

    The Template known as Template:Character Infobox, is being phased out and deleted this afternoon (EST). Please be sure you check your articles and remove/replace the Character Infobox with the normal Infobox, thank you!


    Ryan and the Admin Team

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  • Kessarah

    Dorky Excitement

    April 1, 2017 by Kessarah

    Scrolling through Recent Wiki Activity (because why not), I happened upon this wonderful detail about the Ravenwood Company.

    They were founded on September 4th, 35 L.C.


    Nah, I just wanted an excuse to make a blog. Still cool doe.

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  • Teateateatea


    March 27, 2017 by Teateateatea

    aaaa okay, i'm not sure if this will be a continuous thing or just once, but ayy.

    this is just where i'm going to keep record of what i have to do / what i need to do, so u r welcome to read yesyes. i'll have more entertaining stuff at the bottom, i think. this will also show how much of an altoholic i am, wew.

    to do:

    • finish Nona Zaire
    • edit Holiday Wyndam
    • finish Aoife Rosebrook
    • finish Fawn Holmwood
    • make Kolmar Scavenius
    • make a page for The Phantom's Hearth, The Foxtail Trade
    • make whatever i'm going to use for aoife's writing
    • graphic design work for pages, maybe unique formatting (?)
    • r.....p?
    • be bored bc i have nothing to do

    to shelf:

    • debate fawn + her connections

    i have a lot of writing to do rip me

    either way, find me in game and rp with any of my characte…

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  • Horacea


    March 22, 2017 by Horacea


    Hello yes, first blog post. Decided to post because why not. I already have to log into like 50 different apps every morning to keep up on games and such so you know, why not add this thing to the mountain as well.

    Well I won't be posting daily.

    Just every now and then.


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  • Cymru knight
    Battle of Wolves and Thunder
    Written by User:Hranu

    A night battle was not entirely in the plan for this fight, but Traherne knew that nothing ever truly went according to plan. Everything had to be in place: the cannons and arquebusiers had to have the high ground with the crossbowmen and archers under them to rain hell upon the enemy. The War-Clerics of the Sable Dragon had to take their positions in the woods not half a kilometer away to ready themselves to charge. The rest of his forces arrayed.

    He had the high ground; Lord Gawain had simply given it up, and that is what worried the Bennaeth of the Meibion Daranu.

    He looked through a spyglass to Gawain’s forces: made up of sellswords, Gwaeddon, and golems to support his troops. All of what …

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  • Bookerr389

    A Brief Rest

    February 16, 2017 by Bookerr389

    Sunday morning , another blessed day.

    The Pig and Whistle was bustling with people. Foreigners as well as local townsfolk were all quickly stopping by. All of them were in a hurry to get a quick bite to eat, and a warm drink before the busy work day. At the entrance of the bustling inn stood Jack. His face carried the usual bright smile that people were accustomed to. He always enjoyed watching the liveliness of the people. It always reassured him on why he fought, and defended the people. To watch them flourish and continue their life's without trouble.

    Looking around the bustling inn Jack caught the glance of his old friend Alister, sitting idly alone . The wide smile that he had been carrying shrank .It appears that I'm late, he thought …

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  • Ryan404000

    Icon Masterpost

    February 16, 2017 by Ryan404000

    This is a master post for icons found on the wiki, if you plan on using them in your work you would use:

    to yield

    Plug in any of the following as listed below

    Current list (Incomplete):

    • Scarlet Crusade:
    • Scarlet Onslaught:
    • Truthful:
    • Scions:
    • Kingdom of the Light:
    • Defias Brotherhood:
    • Syndicate:
    • Argent Dawn:
    • Brotherhood of the Light:
    • Argent Crusade:
    • Scourge:
    • Cult of the Damned:
    • Silver Hand:
    • Burning Legion:
    • Shadow Council:
    • Ebon Blade:

    • Alliance:
    • Stormwind:
    • Lordaeron:
    • Stromgarde:
    • Gilneas:
    • Gilneas Old:
    • Kul Tiras Old:
    • Kul Tiras:
      • Ashvane:
      • Stormsong:
      • Waycrest:
        • Embers:
    • Dalaran:
    • Alterac:
    • Quel'thalas:
    • Ironforge:
    • Wildhammer:
    • Dark Iron:
    • Ren'dorei:
    • Theramore:
    • Church of the Holy Light:

    • Horde:
    • Forsaken:
    • Silvermoon:
    • Darkspear:
    • Bilgewater:

    If there are more not listed, please tell me!

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  • Cymru knight

    Hranu and I have talked a lot about getting exposure to the Mynydd project. One of the ways we've done that is by posting a lot of articles and of course RPing in-game to get people interested; those who are and join the project (and typically Remnant of Lordaeron) get into a full breadth of sub-projects that they can very easily join and contribute to.

    We've gotten a few new people through the MG Wikia alone, but we're currently looking for more ways to get exposure in our projects. So, one of the things we're doing is asking Mynydd players to include a few links into their profiles.

    Link to this list:

    Also we have a tumblr now!!

    Main Mynydd Link:


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  • Bookerr389

    The wind howled through the frozen wasteland of Northrend. It bellowed and screamed like a banshee deafening all other voices. Jack and Alister knew this frozen hell quite well. It had only been five or so years since the two had met and fought alongside each other in the campaign of Northrend. However unlike before they were alone with no reinforcements and barely any supplies. The two were sat in a cave waiting for the on going blizzard to calm down," Why exactly did we come back to this hell hole again." Alister asked. Jack sighed before looking to his weary companion," We are on a quest my old friend. I made a promise to the Bishop that I would refill the monastery library." Alister raised a brow," You made the promise however not m…

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  • Bookerr389

    The world has a fickle sense of humor. Jack was in wonder and disappointment. After a long needed break Jack returned to his quest for books, and like before he had to track down various novels in varying locations all with equal danger. The book this time that he was in search for was once more in the dreaded plaugelands, within a dark sanctum known as Scholomance. Jack had heard tales of that despicable school, and how it had created various abominations all in the name of the Scourge. Jack was unsure on weather or not this was a good idea to travel into such a dark hole alone but he knew either way that he had to for the sake of the Brotherhood. Looking at the gate to the Scholomance Jack would take in a deep breath. Exhaling slowly he …

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  • Bookerr389

    Westfall the once great and plentiful breadbasket of the kingdom of Stormwind. A land now full of poverty and strive had been a location Jack never thought he would go to. It had been only a few years since the Cataclysm when the Defias Brotherhood had revealed itself and caused much mayhem. A land of thieves, beggars, and uncertainty our young Paladin now walks into willingly in the search of a book.

    Westfall, Tuesday 7:30 am

    The short trek from the Cathedral of Stormwind to the Saldean farm had been interesting to say the least. Jack the previous night did not get that much sleep. His mind had felt troubled and confused the previous evening. It didn't help that he had decided to take his Hawkstrider either. Half the time on the way there J…

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  • Bookerr389

    Quest for knowledge ep 5

    February 3, 2017 by Bookerr389

    The travel from Redridge to Northern Stranglethorn hadn't been particularly long for Jack. It was in Alliance territory and thus there were legitimate roads that led there unlike the Highlands where the road was no where to be seen. Jack found pleasure in this, “ Oh Gizbin I'm going to have to thank you when I see you.” He grinned as he said this,” Though I do find it unsettling to travel into this part of the jungle. The stories I have heard about the Jungle Trolls that live in this area are rather frightening.” His grin shifted into a frown, “ I pray the Light watches over me as I do this.” He closed his eyes for a moment to pray. After a few moments he would let out some air, “ Once more I travel into the maws of death, and once more I …

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  • Bookerr389

    Quest for knowledge ep 4

    February 3, 2017 by Bookerr389

    Present week Wednesday, Southern Tanaris They say that a man never knows his capabilities until he's on the brink of death. The burning sun of desert shined like a radiant fire. Its gaze seemed to touch everything, leaving nothing but sand, and the unfortunate individuals who were unable to survive it. In the middle of this hellish place lay a brave man. He had been traveling from the south of Tanaris near the Valley of the Watchers on a quest for a book about a great evil that once plagued this world a millennia ago. The book was supposedly in Gadgetzan a town in the far north of Tanris, across the burning desert. To get there the man decided to hire a group of individuals who claimed they knew the way. The man hired these people and so t…

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  • Bookerr389

    Quest for knowledge ep 3

    February 3, 2017 by Bookerr389

    Present week Monday, Northshire Abbey It had been two days since Jack had been shot in the air by Gizbin. Jack was a bit frustrated after this. It seemed the mission to collect books had become harder and more difficult with each one. The thought that this mission would become even more taxing on him both physically and mentally began to seed itself within his mind, “ Why am I even doing this. I barely even know these people but I made a promise. If it weren't for me trying to earn a place within the Brotherhood I wouldn't even be doing this.” The seed of doubt had grown quite big it seemed,” Let's just get an easy one today.” The thought of maybe just doing the easier tasks would get the job done quickly and safely seemed quite appealing.…

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