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Arathorstories Arathorstories 11 September 2013

Azeroth's Law: Precedent

Okay, time for another installment in this wanky thing. Today, we're going to do a very brief discussion of precedent, which has a pretty big role to play in law RP. While it's of no interest to people outside law (and its subsets, e.g. crime) RP, that's true of this blog in general.

  • 1 What is it?
  • 2 How does it apply to me?
  • 3 Why is it worth having?
  • 4 A postscript

The doctrine of precedent is one of the fundamental building blocks of English-derived legal systems (which are called 'common law' systems), and a small to moderate factor in non-English derived systems (where it generally lacks the same binding quality as in common law systems).

Put simply, the doctrine of precedent is this: Similar cases should be treated alike. If two men come before a …

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Sasstoreth Sasstoreth 14 August 2013

Helpful Hints for Adding Images

I've just started the daunting task of categorizing/organizing the uncategorized images on this Wiki, and while it's satisfying work there is a lot of it!  Contributors to the Wiki can help a lot by keeping a few guidelines in mind.

  • 1 Name Your Images Uniquely
  • 2 Name Your Images Meaningfully
  • 3 Source Your Pics
  • 4 Link To Your Artists
  • 5 Categorize As You Go
  • 6 Closing Thoughts

Please do not name your map "map".  Please do not name your picture of your character "blood elf".  There's a lot of maps and a lot of blood elves!  And besides the problem of trying to narrow down which map or which elf, the next time someone else comes along and uploads a file titled "map" or "blood elf" it's going to cause all kinds of problems.  You can be sure that your image is …

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Meriahm Meriahm 9 August 2013

You Owe Me A Favor

It's not true that I don't blog - I do blog, but it's really hard for one to hold my attention for very long and I usually forget to update it. Also, nothing interesting happens. Ever. Perhaps I'll do eventually posts on RP, or on the Magus Senate of Dalaran, or on gophers, which have no real relevence to this wiki but it's a really fun word to say out loud.

But SOMEBODY wanted me to do a blog post right now and it was important I do it right at this moment no seriously Meriahm get your lazy rear on the wiki and do a blog post.

SOMEBODY now owes me a favor.

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Baldrec Ashcroft Baldrec Ashcroft 6 August 2013

The Seventh Legion: Moving Forward

This is where I will be updating the progress of the Seventh Legion in Kalimdor. 

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Arathorstories Arathorstories 2 August 2013

Azeroth's Law: Arrests

On this installment of Azeroth's law, we'll look at the most controversial aspect of Law RP since kids played cops and robbers: UR UNNER ARREST.

  • 1 What exactly is an arrest?
  • 2 The OOC dimension
  • 3 Who can arrest?
    • 3.1 A basic procedure:

In this context, an arrest is when you take someone - sometimes forcibly - and confine, restrain, or otherwise restrict their freedoms (typically of movement) in response to, in suspicion of, or otherwise in relation to some kind of criminal conduct. Basically, it's when you slap the cuffs on and put the guy in a room for a while, and I don't think we need to spend too long on the very basic outline. We've all seen at least ten minutes of a Law and Order rerun.

Now, when you arrest someone, there's a very important thi…

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Tanavar Lightpath Tanavar Lightpath 1 August 2013

P. A. L. A. D. I. N.

Paladin's are the 'holy warrior' in WoW and D&D. Well CoW has brought a new meaning to Paladin's and I found the perfect picture.

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Tanavar Lightpath Tanavar Lightpath 1 August 2013

New to MG Wiki

Hi guys, made my profile completely now and got my guilds website up, feel free to look through! Happy to have learned about this site, special thanks to Therapon for introducing me! I hope I can be on alot.

Tanavar Lightpath (talk) 06:16, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

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Arathorstories Arathorstories 25 July 2013

Azeroth's Law: Gaol, Prison and Exile

For our second installment, we'll take a look at one of the most common penalties for crimes. Prison. Or, to start, we'll look at what people often confuse for prison: Gaol.

  • 1 Gaol, or to you Yankees, Jail
  • 2 The Prison
  • 3 Gaol, Prison and Exile in Azeroth
  • 4 Summary:

Gaol is pre-trial holding as opposed to post-trial holding (prison). This is an important distinction, both in real life and in the Laws of Azeroth. The current system prevailing in Stormwind is pretty much this:

- You are arrested. Yes, of course you're innocent.

- You are given a usually cursory at best examination and interrogation.

- You are then detained, either in the Watch house (or Guard command centre, or...) or in the Stockades.

- IF the people involve care, they present you to a m…

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Ashta Ashta 24 July 2013

Done for the Day

I think I am done for the day. I am getting to that point of tired that all the energy is being sucked away. Also, that live chat thing is fun and distracting. Anyways, I think I will try my best to fix up Evylyn Sunrunner's Profile and hope I get more info for Glaerun Spellshadow's to fill that out for him.

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Zanbor Zanbor 23 July 2013

Magic RP

Hi... This is my random blog post about magic rp. I am thinking about adding some more articles about magic soon and I wanted somewhere to write them down so I don't forget. Feel free to list your own ideas and I'll try and write them up if you want me too.

-Ley Lines


-Abjuration spells (Shields, Wards)

-Magic weapons (Wands, Staves, Orbs)

-Magic apparel (Why do mages wear robes and pointy hats?!)

-Discs of Norgannon


-Sarcen Stone


-Eye of Dalaran

I'll think of some more later. As for magic RP contact me in game if you ever need a mage to do some magic mumbo jumbo for you. Most of the time I'll be happy to help out.

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Sasstoreth Sasstoreth 22 July 2013

Astoreth's Advice for Warlock RP

I wrote this elsewhere in response to a friend's request for advice on how to play her new warlock.  I liked it, I think it's valuable and I want to share it.  But I'll be the first to admit that it's highly biased and opinionated, so not at all suited for a proper wiki page.  Hence blog!  

The key recommendation I can make for roleplaying a warlock is one that should be obvious, and yet a lot of people miss it: think long and hard about why and how your character became a warlock in the first place. By which I mean: figure out why and how they became an arrogant, sadistic, power-hungry, self-serving son of a bitch. And once you have it figured out, never forget it.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. – traditional proverb

There are …

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Arathorstories Arathorstories 22 July 2013

Azeroth's Law: Jurisdiction

Okay. We're starting this series with a basic overview of a fairly important part of any legal system: Jurisdiction. Put simply, jurisdiction in this context is the area over which a State has authority (or where a specific body has authority, e.g. the Stormwind Guard or the Church Inquisitors).

In that area, that State's laws apply. For simplicity's sake, we'll use Stormwind. Stormwind's standard jurisdiction is pretty easy to understand: The provinces of Elwynn, Westfall, Redridge, and Duskwood are squarely part of Stormwind's territorial claims and thus, it's authority and law. So, the Laws of Stormwind apply only to crimes committed within that territory, right?

Well, not necessarily. There are other areas it may apply, and probably does…

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Arathorstories Arathorstories 21 July 2013

Azeroth's Law

Okay. Briefest intro here. I'm going to be using my blog to record my thoughts on the laws of various Azerothian states and entities, with reference to real law, history and philosophy. First installment proper soon.

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EllenEagle EllenEagle 15 July 2013

A time came

There once was a woman who followed the light and she knew that she would die one day, and that scared her. It scared her so much that she took every possible route to discover a way to escape it. She had centuries where she wanted millennia.

A time came where she set herself on a path to find immortality.

The light did not grant her immortality, so she turned to simple magic.

Simple magic did not grant her immortality, so she turned to the arcane.

The arcane did not grant her immortality, so she turned to the demons.

The demons did not grant her immortality, so she turned to the scourge.

The scourge granted her immortality, but it did not grant her free will.

There once was a woman who heard the voice of the Lich King in her head and found it so…

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Willikesart Willikesart 7 July 2013


So.. Umm.. This is a blog.. O_O

Anyhow! I've been slowly but surely adding articles for Duskwood, Raven Hill, and other more: Pertaining to my area of knowledge, which is Gilnean and Southern-Stormwind Sub-Continent lore!

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Glyllena Glyllena 21 May 2013


Lena has her own website. Keep up with her there.

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Alekander Andro Alekander Andro 8 April 2013

The First Blog Post

  • 1 The First!
    • 1.1 School
    • 1.2 Writing
    • 1.3 Reading
    • 1.4 Guild

I decided to use this feature to write some thoughts down for both my writing and real life.

I'm taking a creative writing class offered by my college. It's online, and I never hear the professor speak at all. She just puts stuff up, and we do them. Honestly, I have not learned anything from this class since I started it back in January. All I'm doing right now is trading writing for credits.

It's pretty ridiculous.

I'm currently working on updating all of the wiki pages, while doing my Creative Writing play and working on an independent novel. It's called Nameless and at the moment it's around 17,000 words. I typically work on it every two weeks for a couple of days, writing around 3,000 to 5,00…

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Banshih Banshih 14 March 2013

A fresh start...

This seems like a cool project! Time to get writing and putting all my old screenshots to good use.

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