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The Bloodied Ninth, formally known as the Ninth Company of the Second Lordamere Guard Regiment, was virtually wiped out when the Kingdom of Lordaeron fell in the Third War. With its few survivors escaping to the Kingdom of Stormwind, it reformed as a unit that once again fought for its homeland.

After several campaigns alongside the forces of the Grand Alliance during the War against the Lich King and after the Cataclysm, the members of the Ninth parted ways - disbanding the unit.

"The morning is what stays with me. The absence of bloodshed, rather than the abundance of it. It was spring. A beautiful spring, no less. A blissful blue sky founded on plains of rolling green. We had not even seen the enemy. For all we knew, they were just a story made up so that the peasants could call themselves refugees and get a few days of rest inside the city. Home was so lovely in the spring.

The Captain believes our complacency cost us the battle. The Lieutenant blames the High Elves, saying they should have come to our aid like we had done for them in the past. As he lay dying, I heard Sergeant Rayne cursing the city architects for not building the walls thicker. The moat wider. The gates heavier. The towers larger.

But I know in my heart that none of these things mattered. On that beautiful spring morning, when the birdsong was drowned out by the scraping of bone against bone, and the very ground seemed to weep as disease and pestilence gripped it, I knew that we would lose the day. Many died then, and many more will die now. And so it shall be until we can lie once more in the cool shade of home's great oaks."

-Nainsi Kavanagh, 'Our Coldest Winter'



Adapted from the Bloodied Ninth Guild Website for fair use.