San'layn Crest Bloodoak tribe


IconSmall Darkfallen Male 2-0 Blood Lord Sarvthus Vadvayne

Secondary Leader(s):

IconSmall Darkfallen Male Lord Elanish Silvergloom
24px-IconSmall Bat2 General Garuk'tul


IconSmall IceTroll MaleIconSmall IceTroll Female Ice Troll
24px-IconSmall Bat224px-IconSmall Bat San'dred



Other major settlements:


Theater of operations:

Mistveil, Azeroth


Zandali, Thalassian


Blood Prince Emblem The San'layn





The Bloodoak Tribe are a tribe of Ice Trolls that have a bluish-grey skin color. Very recently many have been blood mutated into batlike creatures with light grey to dark grey skin, large bat wings and sharp claws, they go by the name San'dred. The trolls currently occupy the Blighted Deadwood on the island of Mistveil, dwelling in their city of Zul'Rashi or in their masters city, San'belore.

History Edit

They once fought a constant bloody war with the Kaldorei and Highborne of Mistveil, as well as the San'layn of The Blighted Deadwood. Until the Burning Legion came to Azeroth and the races of Mistveil were forced into an uneasy alliance to combat the demons that were invading the land and spreading the fel. While the Bloodoak trolls were distracted by the demons, Blood Lord Sarvthus Vadvayne of the San'layn made a swift move to remove the head of the Bloodoak Tribe, he and his most loyal San'layn fought their way into the troll capital of Zul'Rashi and killed the Bloodoak Chieftain Gur'rokt and his advisers. Without any leader to command them, the Bloodoak Tribe were left open and unorganized, that is when Sarvthus marched the Darkfallen Army into Zul'Rashi and took the city for themselves, enslaving and killing any troll that would not bend the knee to their new Blood Lord. Sarvthus left his retainer, Lord Elanish Silvergloom in charge of the city. Elanish forces the ways of the San'layn on the trolls of the city with the help of the Bloodoak General, Garuk'tul as his second to enforce his power. The Highborne of the island did not react well to the sudden San'layn takeover of the trolls, seeing how easily the vampyrs could turn on their allies.

Many Bloodoak Trolls now act as body guards to San'layn Nobles and grunts in the Darkfallen Army. The San'layn have also started to preform many experiments on the trolls on orders from the Blood Lord to create an army of massive creatures to resemble beings he saw in his visions of the Shadowlands. So with the power of blood magic the San'layn began altering the trolls bodies to look more batlike, giving them thick leather wings, clawed hands, as well as short batlike snouts and ears. These beings now stand at a massive height with their posture fixed to stand upright and a body of incredible strength, this new race is one to be feared on the battlefield. This new mutation of trolls the San'layn have created go by the name San’dred, meaning 'Dark Bat' in Thalassian. General Garuk'tul was the First of the San'dred.

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