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Boralus is the capital city of the Kingdom of Kul Tiras and the seat of power of House Proudmoore. It is located on the mouth of a strait running through Tiragarde Sound. The bustling city's population has diminished slightly since Jaina Proudmoore's exodus and the death of Daelin Proudmoore, and poverty and crime levels have risen in some of the lower residential districts such as the Dampwick Ward.

Still, Boralus is a friendly enough harbor, though almost all its citizens carry long knives to "gut the murlocs and naga." Kul Tiras’ navy patrols the waterways leading to the harbor, so merchants from Stormwind City, Menethil Harbor and rarely Kalimdor make Boralus a regular stop.


  • The Ashvane Docks are the city's secondary docks, belonging to the Ashvane Trading Company and typically used for inward trading within Kul Tiras.
  • The Ashvane Company Yards are the working yards for employees of the Ashvane Company. The main building has been repurposed into the Alliance's operations centre in Boralus.
  • Boralus Harbor is located to the east of the city and is where the ships of the Kul Tiras Navy are docked. The current harbormaster of Boralus is Sir Cyrus Crestfall, one of Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore's most trusted knights.
  • The Crosswind Commons is one of the residential districts of the city, right next to Mariner's Row. As of lately, the citizens of the Commons are plagued by a flock of hostile agitated albatrosses.
  • The Dampwick Ward, located south of the Ashvane Yards, is the slum of the city. Home to some of the poorest people in the kingdom, times have been hard for many, especially after the losses of the Second and Third Wars. Gangs and corrupt guards are prevalent, and the Scrimshaw Gang in particular holds a tight grip on the district.
  • Hook Point is the lower residential area. The citizens living in this district are mostly traders and laborers.
  • Mariner's Row is a bustling market street on the southern edge of the city.
  • Proudmoore Academy, located just behind Proudmoore Keep, is the top educational institution for the training of naval officers and marines. The current heads of the Proudmoore Academy are Rear Admiral Hainsworth and Commodore Althem.
  • The Stormsong Monastery, located on an island just off of the city, was Boralus' main center of worship for the Tidemother. However, in recent days it has been taken by loyalists to Lord Stormsong and his Old God masters, and visitors who come for guidance are not heard of again.
  • Tradewinds Market is the city's main trade district.
  • Unity Square is where the Assemblage of Houses meet.
  • Upton Borough is the wealthiest part of the city and is where most of the nobility and naval officers make their home. It is also the location of Proudmoore Keep.


Information adapted from Wowpedia for fair use.

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