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The Boralus Brotherhood
Boralus at nightfall.

Main Leader

Human male icon.png Finch Porter

Secondary Leaders

Kul Tiran Human Male.png Keaton Atherton
Kul Tiran Human Female.png Mullin Poole
Human male icon.png Cy the Guard


Human (Primarily), Gnome, Siren, Hozen, Vulpera, Others

Bases of Operations

Boralus, Kul Tiras

Theater of Operations

Freehold, Boralus (Mainly)
Tiragarde Sound, Drustvar, Stormsong Valley


Defias Brotherhood (Loosely)
House of Ashvane (Falsely)



The Boralus Brotherhood, formerly known as the Kraken Knaves of Dampwick Ward, is a Kul Tiran crime syndicate specializing in espionage. Their aim is to dismantle the current societal order of Kul Tiras by any means, both for the monetary gain of revolution and to break power away from the highest tiers currently set in the naval nation; the nobility and the admiralty. Members of the Brotherhood are often viewed as villainous opportunists, yet there are some who view their efforts as genuine for the betterment of those lost in the lowest of echelons.

It's said that they became closely knitted to the Defias Brotherhood, which is why they changed their names to better reflect their loose allegiance. Aside from spying, they're responsible for the transportation and wholesaling of unlawful weaponry, poisons, and they've engaged in extortion, kidnapping, and fraudulent contracts among other numerous crimes.


Once a street gang based in the poorest parts of Dampwick Ward, the Brotherhood is now involved throughout the entirety of the island of Kul Tiras and beyond. Its founder has been disputed to a point of it becoming mythical. Rumors say that "justice" itself came to inspire the first few members when hunger kept them from sleep which by then justice led them toward a bounty caught falling from a nobleman's carriage.

During the Fourth War, the Boralus Brotherhood discovered Lady Priscilla Ashvane's plan to attack Boralus. Thereupon, they rallied under her, believing that they could assassinate her once she overthrew the nation. This started a split within the organization, giving way to M.O.N.S.T.R.O., an enemy who'd later remain loyal to the remnants of Ashvane Trading Company even after their defeat.

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