Brügarr, Fortress-City of Clan Firefist


Mountain-Lord Argol Firefist


Northeastern mountains of the Searing Gorge.


Dark Iron Clan, Independent


Fortress City




Argol Firefist

 Brügarr in independent city-state situated in the northeastern mountains of Searing Gorge.  

 Grand, dangerous, mysterious - three words among many to describe the Fortress-city of the independent Firefist Clan. Located in the Searing Gorge in its northern border mountains, it is one of many holdings in the Firefist Clan's name, but it is uniquely the only city. Brügarr Hold grew from a mere militant fortress into a sprawling underground metropolis after the fall of Blackrock Mountain, and since then its retained its power due to its malevolent and cunning ruler, Mountain-Thane Argol Firefist. 

History of Brügarr Edit


Brügarr Civil LifeEdit

Life in Brugarr is harsh while also prosperous. One step out of line in Brugarr is the step towards death by public execution, and citizens are hardly ever allowed to leave the hold unless they intend to bring food in from the outside, even then, they are escorted by a troop of armed guard.  

While most dwarf societies have limited guard and extensive craftsmen and an assortment of trades, Brugarr has more than 5% of its population as well trained and well-armed Legionnaires for Argol's grand army, the rest are mere citizenry. Although it seems nearly impossible to survive in the city, there is a part of the town that is full of deep freshwater pools that flow constantly and run deep into the mountain itself. 

Of course, most news of Brugarr was unknown to the world due to its isolationist regime. Mountain-Lord Firefist intentionally cut his people off from the outside world only telling them snippets of news which was twisted and morphed. For the most part, the dark irons of Brugarr Hold are clueless to even the fact that there is a Grand Alliance and Horde, most of them being alive since before the First War.

The Mountain-Lord and his Councilors Edit

Brügarr is made up of several families serving the interests of the Firefist family. Clans Blackbreath, Slagspit, Deepstrum, Slimgut, Spiralbraid, Gritsnipe, and Steelscar are the most powerful clans, and even claim blood descent from Argol's ancestor, Brügarr the Fire-Fist himself.

Mountain-Lord Argol Firefist– Supreme Leader of Brugarr’s civil and military conduction.

Councilor Argad Blackbreath – Councilor of Commerce

Councilor Baerva Slagspit – Councilor of Order

Councilor Eirlan Deepstrum – Councilor of Defense

Councilor Treflan Slimgut – Councilor of the Court

Councilor Gallan Spiralbraid – Councilor of the People's Voice

Councilor Yillan Gritsnipe – Councilor of Belief

Councilor Kallous Steelscar – Councilor of War

Brugarr Militant OrganizationEdit


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