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Brannon Stormsong




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Head of House Stormsong
Leader of Anglepoint Wharf


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Lord Stormsong, uncle

Lord Brannon Stormsong is the nephew of Lord Stormsong, patriarch of House Stormsong. Placed in charge of Anglepoint Wharf by his uncle in order for him to gain some leadership experience, Brannon's way of leading things led to some discontentment amongst some of the other workers, and both Brother Conway and Director Deepwarden were corrupted by dark magics and attempted to take control of the Wharf, taking the young Lord Stormsong captive.

After being freed, Brannon stayed in Anglepoint and helped solve the problems that he had inadvertently caused, then left for Stormsong Valley in order to meet with his uncle hoping that he and the Tidesages would know more about the dark magic that took hold over Anglepoint, unaware that Lord Stormsong had also been corrupted.

He was later present at the official ceremony in Boralus when Lord Admiral Katherine Proudmoore abdicated and named her daughter Jaina the new Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras.

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