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This article is about the town of Bridgeport in Tiragarde Sound. For other settlements of the same name, see here.

Bridgeport is a major Kul Tiran trading hub and port town located in southern Tiragarde Sound along the inner coastline, just south of Boralus. Though under the protection of forces of the Proudmoore Admiralty, the Ashvane Trading Company holds a number of offices, warehouses, workshops and laboratories in the town due to its close proximity to the Ashvane Foundry.

Bridgeport's status as a major trading port caused it to become a hotspot for smuggling operations, which during the Kul Tiran civil war increased to include Azerite weaponry constructed by the Ashvane Company and shipped to the Irontide Raiders in Freehold.

The town was attacked by the Horde during the Blood War, who used the opportunity to kill numerous town guards and recover the body of the Captain of the Bridgeport Guard, Amalia Stone, in order to raise her and use her to claim the body of a famous Kul Tiran war hero from Barrowknell Cemetery as part of a plot to steal the Abyssal Scepter from the Stormsong Monastery in Boralus.

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