Broken Isles Campaign Medal
Awarded by the Grand Alliance


Campaign Medal


Personnel of any military of the Alliance

Awarded For

Military service on the Broken Isles


Third Legion Invasion (37 L.C.–Present)


Currently Awarded

Order of Precedence

Next (higher)

Argus Campaign Medal

Next (lower)

Iron Horde Invasion Campaign Medal

The Broken Isles Campaign Medal is a military campaign medal awarded by most states of the Grand Alliance for service on the Broken Isles.

Battle Bars

As a campaign medal, the Broken Isles Campaign Medal includes multiple battle bars denoting specific regions of service, which include the following.

Accoutrement Broken Shore Stormheim Suramar Legionfall
Medal BrokenIslesShore.png BrokenIslesStormheim.png BrokenIslesSuramar.png BrokenIslesLegionfall.png

It was debated among multiple national Alliance commanders as to whether or not an Argus battle bar would be added to the medal, but it was eventually decided a separate medal would be created.

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