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Portrait of Mage-Commander Greysong, art by Hazmi

Candun Greysong is a Magi of the Kirin Tor of Dalaran, having been raised as a Foundling and taking to the Arcane from an early age.  He eventually found his calling as a Battlemage, and has earned his place within the Magus Senate of Dalaran’s Ministry of Defense.  He has established himself as a fierce fighter, mastering the schools of Evocation and Abjuration magic, as well as wielding a blade with superior skill.   He currently serves as the Minister of Defense for the Magocracy of Dalaran, succeeding Mage-General Oliviaxi Coen.

Early Life

On the outskirts of Ambermill in the southern part of Silverpine Forest, there once stood a small lumber mill owned by the Greysong family.  It was this mill that processed a fair portion of the lumber that made its way to both Gilneas and Dalaran, the two nearest cities.  Andren Greysong had run his business successfully for the few years since his Gilnean parents passing, his mother Eleanor being killed by a rogue saw blade and his father Darrick drinking himself to death in his grief.  Over time the mill became profitable enough that Andren established himself as an eligible bachelor to the wealthier daughters of the surrounding Kingdoms, and eventually married Eliza Lindsay of Alterac.

In the year 5 L.C. (597 KY), the Greysongs gave birth to twins, a girl and then a boy 42 seconds later, but Eliza died only moments after.  Andren was then forced to make a difficult decision, as he could not care for two infants and run the mill himself.  Whether it was the profits of the mill or that he partially blamed his children for the death of his wife, Andren chose his business over his family, and gave the twins to the Kirin Tor of the nearby city of Dalaran.  The newborns were to be raised as Foundlings of the order of Magi, and were left only with their names, Cerallia and Candun.

Andren soon after took his own life, the grief and guilt of his actions ultimately becoming too much to bear.

Candun and his sister Cerallia were thus raised under the tutelage and guidance of the Kirin Tor, and both showed promising aptitude for Arcane magic.  The First, and the Second Wars passed as the Greysong twins were brought up in Dalaran, and as they grew, so did their skills.  Both of them showed an aptitude for Frost Evocation, and were thus eventually apprenticed to the Battlemage Corps.   Such was life for years, both twins enduring a fierce training regimen and almost drowning in Arcane education.  By the time they reached their twentieth year, they were both fully fledged and well traveled members of the Kirin Tor’s Battlemage force.  Such would introduce Cerallia to her death at the hands of the reemergent Scourge while on an investigative patrol in the Plaguelands shortly before Dalaran's move to Northrend. It was during this time he befriended Thuvael Morningshade, a Quel’dorei Spellbreaker who had journeyed to Dalaran following the Scourge Invasion of Quel’thalas.  Thuvael agreed to properly train Candun to fight using both Arcane magic and a blade in harmony with each other in the fashion of the famed Elven Spellbreakers, and their friendship helped them both overcome the grief they felt at the hands of the Scourge, a feeling only amplified by his sister's death. The High Elf without a home and the Human without a family would be best friends until Thuvael’s death at the hands of the Burning Legion…

In Recent Years

Over the next several years, Candun forged himself into a proper Battlemage, and served the Kirin Tor in this capacity wherever they needed him.  This path took him from the Eastern Kingdoms, to Northrend, to Pandaria, and to the Broken Isles, where Dalaran would once more face the threat of the Burning Legion.  Candun fought valiantly against the invading demons, but would ultimately face tragedy once more, witnessing the death of his best friend Thuvael.  Grief enveloped the Battlemage, yet another loss driving him into a deep depression.  Candun spent far more time at the bottom of a bottle than at the training grounds during this time, and questioned his purpose within the Kirin Tor.  What good was he as a Battlemage if he could not prevent the deaths of those he cared for the most?

It wasn’t until news of the Horde burning the Kaldorei home of Teldrassil reached Dalaran, that Candun broke free from his downward spiral, and returned to full service within the Battlemage Corps of the Magocracy of Dalaran.  No more would the evils of the world destroy the lives of the innocent, not if he could do something about it.  With newfound purpose, Candun established himself as an invaluable member of the Magocracy of Dalaran, distinguishing himself in his service to the Ministry of Defense and quickly rising through the ranks.  Following the end of the Fourth War, he was promoted to a Lieutenant of the Battlemage Corps and soon after to Captain, under the command of Mage-General Oliviaxi Coen.  He has since succeeded her at the helm of the Ministry of Defense, retiring the rank of Mage-General in exchange for that of Commander.

-Mage-Commander Candun A. Greysong, Minister of Defense.

Commander Greysong and Archmage Ardalan discuss strategy. Art by Danpur.