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Silvermoon 64
Carrera Lyra Highblade
Duchess of Quel'Zaram
Art by Kesegaran


Carrera Lyra Highblade
August 20th, -1,686 P.C. (2,358)
Quel'Zaram, Quel'Thalas


Icon of Blood Sin'dorei


Althemarcrown Duchess of Quel'Zaram
Knight of The Silver Hand
Knight-Lord of the Blood Knights


HighbladeBanner Matriarch of House of Highblade
Holy symbol Heroine of the Light
El'rend Wielder of Thil'redal


Orgrimmar Emblem New Horde
BloodKnightIcon Blood Knight Order


Sunguard banner reference The Sunguard
Silvermoon City Emblem Farstriders
Sunreaver icon Sunreavers
Inv tabard hordewareffort The Honorbound
Silver Hand Icon The Silver Hand
Argent Crusade Icon Argent Crusade
Shattered Sun Tabard Shattered Sun Offensive
Achievement faction legionfall Armies of Legionfall
Church Icon Church of the Holy Light (formerly)
Icon of Blood Kingdom of Quel'Thalas


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Emmiel Highblade (son)
Al’themar Highblade(brother)
Celrea Highblade(sister in law)
Elevia V. Highblade (niece)
Aniah Silversong (adopted niece)


Hastheron Sunrose(step brother)
Celysia Sunrose(step sister)
Cordrath Sunrose(nephew)
Bellaria Sunrose (niece)



Belore; Church of the Holy Light

Lawful Good





Military Service


Orgrimmar Emblem New Horde

Years of Service

Sunguard banner reference The Sunguard -1,668 P.C. - 20 L.C.
BloodKnightIcon Blood Knight Order 28 - 38 L.C.



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"Every action I take, no matter how critical, is for the greater good of my people."
- Carrera Highblade

Carrera Lyra Highblade is a aristocratic Sin'dorei who is currently the Matriarch of House Highblade. She currently serves as an intermediate officer of the Blood Knight Order due to her powerful and cunning ability to wield the Light.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

During the years of the great Troll Wars of Quel'thalas, a child by the name of Carrera Highblade was born of Al'doran and Lithera Highblade. Throughout her childhood, as the war efforts for their homeland continued on, Carrera learned from her parents the ways of a scribe and eventually even began her studies at the Highblade Academy to become a true Highblade; slowly over time increasing not only her knowledge, but her overall wisdom. Much of her earlier years are left unstated, or written in any texts aside from her personal journals; knowledge of what events transpired such as her father’s death and how that proved problematic for young Carrera. For much of her younger life, she remained secluded within her studies and most royal duties, even within her own home spending most of her time wondering if this truly what she meant to do with her life and if she was fulfilling her true duties as Highblade. Or was she just an imposter among champions of magic, was she worthy enough to be a Highblade just like all those around her and before her.

For hundreds of years she strived to be exactly just as her parents wanted her to be but unfortunately she was not like the others, the fine art of fire magics did not simply come as easy to her as she wanted them to. But she would always press on and eventually become very proficient at the art of fire magics although something always did not exactly sit perfectly with her. And she earned herself a position within her family's own personal army named the Sunguard which was a great moment in her life. With her experience rose so did her formal title in the Sunguard and she became an even more formidable weapon on the field of battle. But still like many others she had dreams, dreams of pushing her to do more than just wanting to be what others wanted her to be and what she thought she couldn’t be. Soon these dreams would push her to go beyond what she ever expected of herself, reaching out and expanding her horizons; exploring new lands and finding new meaning to the life she possessed. 

For years all remained quiet and she remained in her home of Quel’thalas, though she found herself enjoying the presence of others which ultimately ended up with her meeting her one true love Aethes and in doing so becoming pregnant with her only child Emmiel, she began to enjoy the time away from her scrolls, and spellbooks. Soon, her dreams began to push her further, as she would return frequently to those new found lands and began learning the ways of defending herself in combat with a different type of weapon. She would be a part of something very new to her kin, a new way of life that consisted of human teachings and beliefs.

The Second War Edit

Though her new training began, all remained quiet in her life until the Second War, though the constant battle against the Trolls would never end, a larger threat came upon the world. As the armies of the Horde began to take control of the southern regions, Carrera found herself in one of the few groups of Elves that assisted in the war effort, primarily against the Trolls. Through her training gathered earlier in life, she was able to not only defend herself during this effort, but returned as well. Though she did not go with the many beyond the Dark Portal, she knew that the effort still existed in her home land and decided to stay.

The Third War Edit

After the years of the Second War, her interests in the ways of the Light continued to grow, eventually leading her to seek the guidance of those known as the “Church (or Clergy) of the Holy Light”. Through them she began to learn of more ways to not only assist herself, but others as well through such cosmic force. She, like a handful of her kin, became an aspect of faith, purity, justice, compassion, and tranquility.

The Third War came upon the world like a plague, in a literal sense, bringing the death and despair of many races including her own. Though her teachings weren’t complete to their fullest extent, she like many other priests of the Holy Light reached out in the efforts against the new coming tide of undead, all but unaware of the threats that lay beyond the seas on the forgotten lands… Places soon began to fall, and soon the threat of death and destruction came to not only her, but her people as a whole. Arthas, the once proud prince of the Kingdom of Lordaeron, became a bringer of death and destruction; and with the help of one of her own kin was able to slip past their noses and bring his onslaught of death with him. With this, the Kingdom of Quel’thalas lost many of their own, even their own King, later to be known as the last King, Anasterian Sunstrider and Carrera's love Aethes. Though she survived, the sense of grief forever was upon her, only to be healed through her efforts to save those who survived and her new found faith in the Holy Light.

For a time all remained silent, and the war between the Horde and Alliance, the new found factions of the world of Azeroth, began to flourish into a dire hatred. Like many of her kin, Carrera lost her faithfulness to that of the Light, remaining with the majority of her kind after the war efforts against the Undead and attunting herself to the ways of the Blood Knights and becoming one herself. And in doing so not only did she take up the mantle of being a Blood Knight, she also was immediately requested by the Regent Lord to come forth and meet with him in regards to her families province that was left abandoned as far as leadership since the exiling of the Quel’dorei and most of Carrera’s bloodline dying in the fall of Quel'thalas. She bargained with the Regent Lord for many days upon the perfect solution to the lack of leadership present within the province until they both came to a conclusion that she was to take up the role of all Duchess of the Quel'Zaram as she was also ordered to eradicate all enemies still left in the domain of Quel'Aranal and all remaining family members were to serve under her rule.

The Burning Crusade Edit

The Dark portal opened once again, and there lay the connection between worlds that once brought death and destruction to the many native races of the Eastern Kingdoms. Though the hate still remained between the Horde and Alliance, they began to work together in the fight against the ever flowing tide of the Burning Legion, attempting to once again attack the lands they called home. Carrera found herself assisting and sending resources wherever she could, be it in the effort brought by the Shattered Sun Offensive in attempts to control the Black Temple with the Naaru-Student to the Naaru A’dal; or with her kin in attempts to take back the Sunwell from the plague of demons that lay within’. This became one of the most stressful times of her life, finding herself in more than one order to safeguard not only her home but her people, but the with the reigniting of the Sunwell, Carrera alongside Lady Liadrin began to see the fault in their ways and began to regain their faith within the Light and began to use it how it was truly intended to be used.

Wrath Of the Lich King


The world began to calm from the threat of demon invasion, though the threat against them was never truly lost. As one threat came to pass, another came in its stead, and this time it brought back the forces responsible for the massive onslaught of her people, the Scourge. As Alonsus Faol disappeared years ago, and after the death of Uther the Lightbringer, the Argent Dawn reformed as the Argent Crusade after the battle against the Death Knights of the “Ebon Blade”, vowing to bring an end to this Scourge and stop the return of death to the world as what happened in the past. Carrera found herself, along with countless others, moving to the icy lands of Northrend where she fought the Scourge, eventually leading to the downfall of the Lich King, Arthas Menethil.

The Cataclysm - Warlords Of Draenor Edit

Draenor Portal

For the years following this second war against the undead, she finally had time to finish her training as a warrior of the Light, “Taking time to become one with the Light” she told those that wondered why she took such value in being one within the Light’s grace. As well as taking many measures to begin to rebuild the Province of Quel’Zaram and begin to repair the damage that was set upon it by Arthas Menethil. But through all of the challenges the world of Azeroth places upon her, she never let go of the disciplinary teachings she received from her days within the Clergy of the Holy Light as a priest. After much more training she went and took her call to war against Lei Shen first and soon after march upon the Orgrimmar and aid in the take down of Garrosh Hellscream and then not soon alongside Lady Liadrin partake in the Assault on the Dark Portal.

Legion Edit

After the reformation of the Order of the Silver Hand, Carrera found herself to be one of its new members after the death of the second wielder of the Ashbringer, being one of her former leaders Tirion Fordring. Vowing once again to protect Azeroth from the threat of destruction, she took up the true mantle of paladin and served to protect the innocents of the world as her brothers and sister in the light and her people, alongside Lady Liadrin. Which would send her on several missions to far away isles and even a whole other planet, but in the end it was truly all worth it as she once again was able to help in aiding the main threat to her world and people.

The Fourth War Edit

Once getting herself reestablished back on Azeroth from Argus, she soon found herself assisting Lady Liadrin in doing Sylvanas’ dirty work and raging war on the Alliance and on Zandalar by carrying out various missions to help gain the trust of the Zandalari. While welcoming new races into the Horde, Carrera was found in the War of Crowns as she and other major figures in Quel'Aranal fought for power within the region. This war lasts through many battles that entailed great casualties for both sides. The war ultimately came to a defeat for Carrera but she didn’t lose all she crafted and created, but instead was reminded of what having Elevia in her life was like again. And moving from that point on she wanted to keep that feeling of comfort, so Carrera went on to follow orders as the Fourth War grinded to a halt and uneasy peace was restored within Quel'Aranal. Currently Carrera is taking plenty of time off of the front lines of any battle for right now as she rekindles her relationship with Elevia.


Family MembersEdit


Elevia Verna Highblade Edit

The Rightful Heir to House Highblade and Carrera's niece. During Elevia's younger years and up until the exilement of the Quel'dorei she and Carrera shared a strong relationship together and Carrera often took care of her while in Elevia's father and mother's absence. The two grew have a very unique bond unlike any other, Carrera has and always will feel some sort of responsibility for Elevia and often gets emotional when talking about it her time apart from Elevia. That time was indeed a struggle but another chapter in the book nevertheless and she has taken her time to realize her actions and what they meant. She views Elevia as a strong independent woman of great wisdom and justice, she can't wait to see the other great things Elevia is going to accomplish further in her life and she only hopes to be a part of them.

Sera Aniah Dawnsinger Edit


Aniah first appeared in Carrera's life as soon as her brother Al'themar adopted her, she first just felt something was off about her. Carrera in Aniah's younger years attempted to have a relationship with her but was never able to as they just never connected. Carrera never admitted it but she was jealous of Aniah and Elevia's relationship. After Carrera was inaugurated she begin to feel that Aniah was just a pest under her nose. During the War of Crowns, Carrera set into effect restrictions through political affairs and designated several main points to be set off limits. Only those that granted access by the Duchess were permitted to enter as those points were under heavy guard by The Solarin. Soon Carrera would be soon view Sera as a true enemy almost ready to stab her in the back. Aniah at one point was not even able to go into her own city and trade or purchase anything. a small number of blood elves were being pushed out as they were alleged to be in cahoots with the Alliance, and among them was Aniah.

 Trivia Edit

• Carrera’s favorite color is Honey Yellow

• Carrera’s voice reference is Queen Ayrenn from Elder Scrolls Online.

Lynx are Carrera’s favorite animal.

• Carrera often quotes the Sunrose Medical Compendium when teaching her students about the various medical practices of the light.

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