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Catherine Rogers is a Sky Admiral within the Grand Alliance Navy Fleet Air Arm and is its presumed leader.

Born and raised in Southshore, she is a staunch supporter of war against the Horde and has seen extensive service, particularly during the Pandaria campaign.


Sky Admiral Rogers led the Skyfire on a mission to rescue the White Pawn, only to discover Pandaria in the process. After arriving over the Jade Forest, Rogers and her SI:7 team immediately set to work on eliminating the Horde outpost and ships that had preceded their arrival. Horde survivors attempted to swim to shore to avoid drowning, she ordered Rell Nightwind to kill them. The murdering of unarmed combatants triggered the awakening of the Sha and brought Taran Zhu out of hiding. After the Horde presence was completely gone, Rogers relocated to Paw'don Village from where she directed an attack against hozen and dispatched Nodd Codejack to examine the Wreck of the Vanguard. When Admiral Taylor was healed in Pearlfin Village, Rogers appeared only to tell him that she was called back to regroup and advised him to use the SI:7 agents and local pandaren and jinyu.


Sky Admiral Rogers later commands the Skyfire in its siege of Domination Point and in Assault on Zan'vess. She was also present at the summit of Alliance dignitaries in the Shrine of Seven Stars, where they discussed the possibility of weaponizing the Sha. Rogers was in favor of doing so, noting that Garrosh Hellscream was undoubtedly doing the same thing, but was ultimately overruled.


The Skyfire was ordered to travel to Stormheim on the Broken Isles on orders from King Anduin Wrynn following the Battle for the Broken Shore. The official mission was to escort Alliance champions to Stormheim and aid them in obtaining the Aegis of Aggramar. Unofficially though, after receiving intelligence of suspicious Horde activity, the Skyfire has been tracking the fleet of the newly christened warchief, Sylvanas Windrunner. Genn Greymane and Sky Admiral Rogers both suspected her as a passenger and chose to attack the fleet. Unable to make contact with the rest of the Alliance fleet, the Skyfire proceeded with their assault. Though their forces managed to board the Forsaken ships and kill their captains, when they boarded the royal flagship, the Alliance discovered that Sylvanas had already left the ship and that Nathanos Blightcaller was leading a Horde force to sabotage the Skyfire.

By the actions of Forsaken boarders, the Skyfire was sabotaged and crashed on Stormheim. The Skyfire was destroyed but its crew survived and rallied in the Skyfire Triage Camp while combating the Horde. Sky Admiral Rogers tasks Alliance adventurers to kill the surviving Forsaken who continue to trespass on the ruins of her ship. Eventually, Tinkmaster Overspark creates a distress signal to request Alliance reinforcements while the Skyfire survivors evacuate to the safety of Greywatch.

Before the Storm

Sometime after the campaign in Stormheim, High King Anduin Wrynn rebuked Rogers and Genn Greymane for taking his assignment much further than he had ordered.

When King Anduin summoned his councilors to advise him on plans for Azerite, Rogers suggested they weaponize the mineral against the Horde. Anduin, however, reproached her and didn't want to use such power for violence. Following the death of King Anduin's manservant Wyll Benton, King Anduin would later summon his advisers to the map room to unveil his plan for a Gathering between the Forsaken and their human loved ones. Rogers was adamantly opposed to the idea and cited the Forsaken as responsible for the destruction of Southshore. Anduin, however, believed that the Forsaken are not the Scourge, and some of them miss their living relatives. When Anduin asked Catherine how she would like to respond if her loved ones were members of the sympathetic Desolate Council, Rogers allowed herself a brief moment of sentimentality before hardening and reaffirming to herself and everyone that her loved ones are dead and she would loathe to see them as undead monsters. Genn Greymane also agreed with Sky Admiral Rogers and saw the Forsaken as monsters, and stated the Alliance shouldn't embrace what they've become.

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