Cerberus following it's reforging from Faral'amir.

Cerberus is a longsword used by General Berenal Grayblade of The Blades of Greymane. It was forged from the remnants of the elven runeblade, Faral'amir.


Cerberus is a very finely crafted and ornate sword. Kept with a metal and black leather bound pommel and a finely crafted blade. The blade is a mixture of elven steel and Moonsteel, forming a resilient sword. The runes that once adorned Faral'amir are absent from the new blade.


Berenal was gifted the sword Faral'amir by an elf that he had saved the life of during one of the many skirmishes in the northern Eastern Kingdoms. The blade was very old but durable, having seen the Gilnean through many battles. It saw its last battle when Lord Grayblade deflected a blow from an orcish death knight attempting to strike down the League of Lordaeron soldier, Alverdo Blackmoore during the Second Battle of Andorhal.

Following the battle, Berenal had the blade completely reforged using a mixture of the blade fragments and dwarven steel, forming a unique yet strong sword. Naming the new blade, Cerberus, Lord Grayblade keeps the sword on him as a side arm blade, though it is usually reserved for special occasions, or if Fenrus is not readily available.

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