Moon Guard Wiki
By root and by seed, by stone and by stem.

Held By

40 L.C.: Cowody
39 L.C.: Sips
38 L.C.: Elias Snow
37 L.C.: Elias Snow
36 L.C.: TBD
35 L.C.: None
34 L.C.: None

Forged By

Aellandeil Sunheart


A chunk of wood given from an Ancient of War, Starlight made solid, Natural pearls, Real vines.

The Champion Rings

This is one of the eleven prestigious Champion Rings made for the Tournament of Ages. Each ring is bestowed upon the winner of the class brackets and will remain bound to is owner until a new champion is determined the following year. If a former champion refuses to surrender the ring when a new champion is determined, a magical enchantment will cause it to vanish and reappear in the new champion's possession. There is some speculation as to whether or not the rings contain a hidden power, but so far that remains known only to their creator.