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Why do you fight?

Held By

40 L.C.: Karanyi Du Bellerose
39 L.C.: Delleren of the West
38 L.C.: Karanyi Du Bellerose
37 L.C.: Karanyi Du Bellerose
36 L.C.: Commander Calidian
35 L.C.: Commander Calidian
34 L.C.: Commander Calidian

Forged By

Aellandeil Sunheart


Living steel, Jade band inlay, blessed Chi orbs.

The Champion Rings

This is one of the eleven prestigious Champion Rings made for the Tournament of Ages. Each ring is bestowed upon the winner of the class brackets and will remain bound to is owner until a new champion is determined the following year. If a former champion refuses to surrender the ring when a new champion is determined, a magical enchantment will cause it to vanish and reappear in the new champion's possession. There is some speculation as to whether or not the rings contain a hidden power, but so far that remains known only to their creator.

Azeroth Cries

It shattered...

The chaos of the world had caused the Celestials such grief that their token became mere dust, only a month before the Tournament. Reforged in the strength of their image came the second iteration. Each orb blessed by the monks on the Peak of Serenity. These clasped tightly in living steel. It hovers in the great hall. Awaiting the new champion.