Chancellor of the Magus Senate of Dalaran
Salazar Demes, Fifth Chancellor

Current Holder

Salazar Demes


Magus Senate of Dalaran
Magocracy of Dalaran
Kirin Tor
Grand Alliance

Inaugural holder

The First Chancellor

Past Title Holders

The First Chancellor
Vorien Dawnstrider
Damon Halliwell
Zanbor Emerson
Hellissa Brisby

The Chancellor of the Magus Senate of Dalaran is the leader of the mage body within the City-State of Dalaran. The Office of the Chancellor directly oversees the Vice-Chancellor, and the two often work together in order to ensure both the Senate body and the Ministers are effective in their duties and decisions

Office Holders

All those who have held the office of Chancellor within the Magus Senate are listed below in order.

The First Chancellor

The First Chancellor served with Elberich Haltring, who served as Vice-Chancellor before his own resignation.

Damon Halliwell

Damon Halliwell was the Vice-Chancellor under the First Chancellor and was elected Chancellor after the First Chancellor's resignation. He has served as Chancellor since then. Under his leadership, the Senate has fought in the Siege of Orgrimmar and has overseen the expansion of the Senate into the respected organization it is today. Chancellor Halliwell can often be found on the front lines with the magi of the Senate and frequently gets injured because of that, when he is in the Dalaran Medical Clinic recovering, Vice-Chancellor Vorien Dawnstrider serves as Acting-Chancellor. Damon was thought dead when he went through the Dark Portal into Draenor, but was later found alive. After a brief period, Damon was brought back as the second Chancellor.

Vorien Dawnstrider, Acting

When the Magus Senate of Dalaran agreed to aid in the mission to stop the Iron Horde, Chancellor Halliwell volunteered to lead the Senate's forces through the portal. When Damon, along with a majority of the Inner Council, entered the portal and it went dark. Vorien Dawnstrider, the fourth Vice-Chancellor, assumed the role of Chancellor. Vorien later resigned his position when Damon Halliwell, the Second Chancellor, was found to be alive. Vorien took up the position of Vice-Chancellor again.

Zanbor Emerson

Zanbor Emerson was elected Chancellor on October 10th, 35 LC after the resignation of Damon Halliwell. He lead for over a year and during that time he introduced a series of reforms which involved reconnecting with one-time allies of the Senate who became discontent under the leadership of the former Chancellor. Emerson then retired at the end of November in 36 LC, and his replacement, Hellissa Brisby-Pyrestaff was then elected as the new Chancellor.

Hellissa Brisby-Pyrestaff

Hellissa Brisby-Pyrestaff was elected Chancellor on November 19th, 36 LC after the retirement of Zanbor Emerson. S

Salazar Demes

Salazar Demes was elected Chancellor on April 20th, 38 LC after the retirement of Hellissa Brisby-Pyrestaff.

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