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Any and all Characters in World of Warcraft's lore and player fan-fiction can be found here. Characters will be categorized by their species and races outlined below. If you wish to have a racial category added to the characters page, send a message to Maxen!

Note: Races or species deemed sub-races of another species may be found in their parent species. For example, Taunka and Yaungol can be found as subcategories of the Tauren category of characters.


Human.png Dwarf.png High Elf.png Worgen.png Night Elf.png Gnome.png Draenei.png


OrcIcon.png Tauren.png Goblin.png Blood Elf.png Ogre.png Forsaken.png Troll.png


Pandaren.png Half Breeds.png Undead.png Animal.png Demon.png Dragon.png Elemental.png Ethereal.png Gnoll.png Loa.png Mantid.png MoguIcon.png Naaru.png Naga.png Old God.png Quilboar.png Titan.png Tol'vir.png Vrykul.png

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