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Ciara King Clarke



Date of Birth

April 2nd 18 L.C.

Place of Birth

Tiragarde Sound, Kul Tiras


༺༻Corporal of the Citrine Eagle
༺༻Inquisitor of The Order of Embers (Formerly)


Bounty Hunter
Inquisitor (Formerly)


Citrine Eagle

Order of Embers (Formerly)


The Old Ways


Jamison Clarke (Father)
Carol-lee King (Mother)
Bretta Clarke (Sister)
Ingrid Clarke (Sister)
Charles Clarke (Brother)


Lawful Good, ESFP-T





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Ciara's armor changes regularly (usually varying depending on what's required of her per mission). Her main set of armor, used for outings and basic missions, consists of leather, cloth, and plate. While it may not be the most practical armor Ciara (since her move from Kul Tiras) does her best to pick up on fashionable items and trends.

The cloth of her armor:


❥Beige cloth shirt that completely covers her neck down past her hands, and cloth ties up beneath the bust.

❥Black cloth leggings, hood, and chokers on both her neck and arms.

The leathers of her armor:

❥Black leather boots that come up to her mid thighs and are tied off on the outer sides sporting gold fringe at the bottoms and tops, and a black mid abdomen corset with gold trim as well.

❥Brown leather belt straps hold her shoulder plates to the aforementioned corset as well as around her waist to hold up her three hip bags, the larger of the trio on her right hip is there on all her sets of armors.

❥Lastly brown gloves that cover up to her elbows, they're fanned out, large and are lined with soft fur, the shotty sewing on the outer edges show that these are either hand made or bought from a novice leather worker. The ends are plated with pure silver talons and brass knuckles that are permanently melded to the gloves.

The plate of her armor:

❥All her plate is made from standard iron, the plates covering her torso and shins are tied down with leather straps, and overlap each other to allow bending. The armor covering her shoulders are uneven in size in order to keep her aiming hand flexible and the larger shoulder is to protect her face while leaning in to take aim.



Ciara was born in a small shack by the waters edge outside of Boralus, the home had two hay beds, one to sleep her parents the other to sleep her and her three siblings.

Her parents were cheap and dirty scammers who would focus mostly feeding themselves rather than the four children. The parents (Jamison and Carol-lee)  made sure to get the two oldest girls (Ciara and her older sister Bretta) one pair of nice clothes for when they went into the city to pinch pockets for food and money. They were scolded by their mother to try their best to find a noble boy that would take their family out of the slums via marriage. This led Ciara to despise nobles; most she met growing up were perverse, rude, greedy or monsters. When she was fifteen (15) she had stolen from the wrong folk, a group of men that had heard from Mama Flora’s pastry shop that a girl matching Ciara's description had been thieving cakes. They found her by chance trying to thieve from one of their own and rounded her up. They brought her to their hunter’s lodge in a less than pretty spot in Boralus’s city streets, offering to help her as they could after hearing about the abusive conditions her parents put her and her siblings through. Mama Flora, the previous accuser and the tiniest witty old woman in all Boralus, had hired Ciara to work at the pastry shop to make up for her debt, and when Ciara was sixteen (16) she finally ran away from home, leaving her old life behind, including all siblings but her oldest sister who she’d only see in passing. During this time she'd learn to hunt and was adopted by the hunters lodge and Mama Flora.

Ciara was twenty (20) when the attacks on the motherland started after her childhood idol; Jaina Proudmoore had returned home. Ciara had grown up to be a crackshot sniper, best she could ever hope to be and joined the front in Drustvar with her now ‘Fathers’ to join the Order of Embers as Inquisitors, serving to vanquish the Drust beasts and witches that gradually began to haunt their land.

One day on a ride through the dark wood with her fathers a terrifyingly large wickerbeast stumbled onto the path, Ciara froze in fear and it all went black. She awoke with a sharp obsidian dagger in her back, and her dead fathers surrounding her. She is saved by a passing hero, naked bloodly and afraid but finishes the fight in Drustvar after returning to base.

Upon arriving home, word arrives that her sister, Bretta, was slain during the Horde attack on Brennadam, Stormsong.


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The Citrine Eagle

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