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Arthas, rendering Cinderhome to cinders.




Eastern Lordaeron


Undead Scourge
Alliance of Lordaeron


Destroyed, controlled by the Scourge

Cinderhome was a small city within the mountains a dozen miles to Hearthglen's east. It currently one of the few remaining Undead Scourge bases in Lordaeron.


In an attempt to expand the Scarlet Crusade’s influence, Taelan Fordring once led an expedition to retake the small community. He and his men slew the undead, but before they could bring in settlers and reinforcements, a Scourge host arrived and laid siege to the village. Tirion Fordring, observing the whole endeavor, and worrying for his son, sent heroes to break through the undead line to save the Crusaders within.

Following the demise of the Lich King, much of Lordaeron was retaken by the Forsaken and Argent Crusade. However, A powerful and extremely powerful leader has locked a massive Scourge force within the city walls. For years, the city has remained deathly quiet, but the crusaders still sense a deep corruption within the land.

All attempts to breach the city have failed.

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