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Cirvala Grandream


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"The people of the town say she's crazy,
The people of the town say she's mad.
As she wanders by the shore long hours,
Dreaming of the love she once had."

- Song of the Swan Maiden

Cirvala Grandream is a High Elf currently operating out of Dalaran. Though she appears to be a healthy, living elf, Cirvala is in actuality a Homunculus currently possessed by the former San'layn, Valythra Bloodmoon. Previously punished for grievous crimes of mass murder, life as Cirvala Grandream is an opportunity to start over, and find the redemption she had previously promised.

However, she remained obsessed with the love that ended between her and Miralyne Valetender, and the power she had lost in her death and rebirth. Discovering her own need for anima and Miralyne's efforts to aid the anima drought, Cirvala ventured to Revendreth to continue her studies, regain her power, and continue to pursue Miralyne's affection.

Though her cruel nature as a San'layn never faded, the emptiness of her present life and her depression has led her to reflect on her past actions, her motivations, and the true gravity of her crimes.


All of Cirvala's prior life was lived as Valythra, an elf whose frustrations throughout her life, coupled with a persistent yearning to rise above her betters, led to a downhill slide of corruption that resulted in her transformation into a San'layn. As a San'layn, she became cruel, sadistic, and prided herself upon her abuse of power, committing crime upon crime upon crime.

This lasted until her defection from the New Horde in a desperate bid to restore a romance with Miralyne Valetender. Supposedly seeing the depths to which she had fallen, Valythra promised to redeem herself and make up for the evil she had caused. However, after a mission to free Miralyne from the Choir of Silence, the San'layn was promptly imprisoned by Warmage Endcaster and the Kirin Tor within the Violet Hold. Shortly after she was transferred into the custody of the Silverguard, which in turn had her executed for her crimes.


Nearly a year passed since Valythra's death, her soul trapped within a runeblade before she was offered an opportunity to be restored by the very woman who killed her: Lyraeni Sorrowsong. With urging from Miralyne, who still sought to help Valythra as best she could, Lyraeni was convinced to give Valythra the second chance she was promised, but no longer in her twisted, vampiric form. Instead, an especially esoteric form of magic would be used to give Valythra facsimile of life, by creating a Homunculus.

Though she resented all of the Silverguard save for Miralyne, and especially hated Lyraeni, Valythra longed to be restored and no longer live as a shade of her former power. After months of painstaking work, Lyraeni crafted a body that would suit Valythra, but also distance her enough from her past self to start anew. The body was presented to Valythra for the taking, for only one proposition. Lyraeni was ready to offer Valythra all the resources needed to integrate with society properly with citizenship, identity, and shelter. Furthermore, she would be permitted to go wherever she wished, when she wished, with no strings attached. All that would be asked of her was that she be willing to play the role of eyes and ears for the Death Knight, and report anything of interest to her.

Valythra becomes Cirvala Grandream.

Valythra herself was taken aback by the experience of claiming her new body, for it was a brand of undeath unlike any other. Where she expected the dulled senses of lifelessness, she found herself instead to be as close to life as she could possibly become. She could breathe in the air, feel the chill of the Ashen Refuge, and even felt her heart beating. Stunned by the experience of what could only be described as a resurrection, Valythra did not refuse Lyraeni's proposition, though she did not fully accept it either.

Nevertheless, as promised, Lyraeni agreed to release Valythra with an allowance of gold and clothing, as well as some of her prior possessions. The homunculus was reborn now as Cirvala Grandream, and permitted to leave for the city of Dalaran. The second that Cirvala set foot outside of the Refuge and into Dalaran, she finally allowed herself to truly indulge in her restored life, before setting out once again to reach out to Miralyne and inform her of her return.

Realizing the date, Cirvala resolved to finally bring Miralyne the Winter's Veil gift she had intended a year ago. Visiting various shops across Dalaran, she purchased sewing materials and craft items to fashion a stuffed bear reminiscent to an old companion of theirs, a teddy bear jokingly called Boo Bear. With some 'modifications' to essentially turn it into a cyborg, Cirvala created the "Boo Bear Mark II" in the hopes that Miralyne would not only remember one of their fondest traditions as a couple, but also a reminder now tailored to her technological interests.

Finally, preparing a pie of Miralyne's once favorite fruit, sunfruit, Cirvala visited Miralyne's home and overtly identified herself as Valythra, much to the engineer's shock to see her brought back. The two embraced and reunited within Miralyne's home, sharing the pie and talk of what all had happened before Cirvala offered her gift. Miralyne did not immediately open the gift however, promising to offer Cirvala a gift of her own, and that they should open them together. After sharing the pie, Cirvala went home, with a given message to visit Miralyne again with more formal dress.

Miralyne and Cirvala share a Winter's Veil dance.

The next day they met was much more celebratory, donning dresses and preparing a great assortment of food, a veritable feast to be shared between the two. The gifts exchanged moved the both of them; Cirvala's gift helped Miralyne to remember the original Boo Bear, a reminder of their past relationship. Miralyne's gift was a music box that depicted them reuniting in the night. They shared a dance that the box itself recorded, and would allow Cirvala to view a projection of their dance to the music whenever she wished for it.

Discussion about Boo Bear and its memory led Miralyne to wonder if the original Boo Bear was still out there, and could be found. Cirvala remarked that it likely was, but would still be in her room in the Solflame Enclave, which had been destroyed. Though the Enclave itself was likely abandoned, they would still have to sneak into Horde territory to enter it. Still, the endeavor was considered, and Cirvala suggested the possibility of retrieving another item of import from the Enclave as well: the Solar Spire.

With their reunion concluded, Cirvala walked away feeling genuine happiness. However, thoughts of revenge continued to plague her, and her mind drifted to tracking down another former companion: Avaline Cinderspell. In Cirvala's mind, Avaline was among those guilty for her death as Valythra, as she was not present to intervene or save her life as she had promised. However, she did not immediately want to kill her, but rather she wanted answers as to why Avaline had not been there as she had needed.

Approaching Avaline in her office, Cirvala was slow to reveal herself, unsettling Avaline into believing she might have been a demonic agent seeking to subvert her. However, when Cirvala confirmed that she was, in fact, Valythra, Avaline was distraught. She began to muster explanations and excuses, trying to reason with Cirvala that she had done everything she could to forestall Valythra's death. Cirvala was not satisfied however, until Avaline offered a more private discussion to try and clear the air over tea. Begrudgingly, Cirvala accepted before departing.

Unlikely Allies

Cirvala had been given multiple reasons to embark on the same journey that so many were taking to the Shadowlands. Her previous studies on Vampyr only naturally pointed her to Revendreth, a realm that could quite possibly be the oldest realm of vampires to be recorded to date. Her need for anima to sustain her ability to feel alive was another cause to seek out a means of anima harvesting, especially from the Venthyr who were masters of it. And finally, she had motive in Miralyne's mission into Revendreth, to finally have an opportunity to fight beside her once again.

After her conversation with Miralyne, Cirvala set out to the Shadowlands, convincing both the Ebon Blade and the Attendants of her motivations and seeing her sent on her way to the Venthyr. Arriving at Sinfall, she pledged herself to Renathal and his rebellion, yet found that many Venthyr eyed her with sardonic humor or wariness. They were resistant to offer her any semblance of their knowledge of anima, only supplying her with afforded power given to all mortal supplicants to the Prince. She was able to acquire armored robes of Sinvyr, but was never able to convince the Venthyr to teach her their ways of harvesting anima.

In preparation for Miralyne and the Silverguard to arrive in the Shadowlands, Cirvala adopted the persona of a liaison between the Venthyr and the High Elves. Allowing her to assist Miralyne directly, Cirvala engaged in an investigation across Revendreth with the Silverguard, regarding a renegade Venthyr of House Sinfang who had apparently developed a tool for anima harvesting. Though Cirvala was loath to help those she secretly condemned as her killer, she did so in the name of helping Miralyne, as she had sought to for the past years.

However, her cruel nature ultimately very nearly betrayed her true identity. When the Lord Sinfang was cornered and named by his sinstone at the very announcement of his scientific progress, battle was engaged with the renegade Venthyr. The device he had proposed was one that could utterly strip a victim of their anima, leaving nothing but a husk condemned to the Maw. While the Silverguard battled the Venthyr guarding Lord Sinfang, Cirvala used her Illusion magic to disguise herself as one of his bodyguards and escort him away from the conflict.

As Cirvala escorted Lord Sinfang to safety, she abruptly managed to steal the anima-draining device from his grasp. Out of sadistic and ironic humor, Cirvala turned the device upon Lord Sinfang, draining him of anima through torturous agony. Yet she persisted, and soon the Venthyr was destroyed, his anima utterly spent and leaving nothing but his fine raiment as proof that he existed. This came at the great dismay of other Venthyr who had expected the Silverguard to take Sinfang alive, and demanded a discussion between Miralyne and Cirvala on the latter's brutality.


Cirvala's common civilian appearance.

Cirvala is a woman of relatively short height around 5'4" with a frame practically sculpted to fit her image. Slender with the addition of a few well-placed curves, wavy plum hair frames a face that frequently delights in her own beauty. Oftentimes Cirvala wears dresses and robes ranging from black to white, with the only variation being supplementary colors to complement them. Most often she wears a navy blue vest over a white blouse and black leggings, accompanied by silken gloves and steel-toed leather boots.

As a homunculus, Cirvala's blood is a stark green, rather than the normal red. As a result, she must consciously maintain an illusion of red blood if she suffers injury, though this can be taxing. To mask the detection of this illusion upon her blood, she has a constant illusion upon her normally lavender eyes to display them as gold, intended to misdirect the magically curious.

In combat, she dons her Sinvyr battle-robes, supplied to her by the Venthyr Covenant.


On the surface, Cirvala has the potential for an amicable, if quiet, demeanor that would suggest she is simply aloof. She can often be engaged by philosophical inquiries and magical curiosities that pique her intellectual interest. Though distant and perhaps guarded, Cirvala often appears to be a civil and friendly woman willing to engage in friendly interaction with anyone else around her.

However, beneath whatever social facades she must practice in open interaction, Cirvala is a corrupt and spiteful individual who frequently feels hate and envy for others around her. Retaining all of her memories from her days as Valythra, she still possesses a sadistic streak, a deep yearning for control over everything around her, including others, and a want for complete independence. This is coupled with her volatile and emotional nature that can prove to be dangerous through impulsive outbursts and behaviors.

While cruel, Cirvala is also emotionally strong, still living on extremes in relationships of both love and hate, often obsessing over one of the two. Many of her positive relationships are based around affection and respect, or an advantage to her ends, while negative relationships are generally created with those who thwart or offend her. She almost constantly fixates upon those close to her, monitoring them and watching them from afar, effectively stalking loved ones, but also serving to ensure she is always aware if they are in harm's way.

However, being deprived of much of what she once had has led a certain depression to surface. Cirvala spends most of her days feeling a lack of meaning or purpose in her day to day life, having lost much of the power she created before, and the connections she had made. This depression has led her to reflect upon what brings her happiness, and has opened the way to what can best be described as possible regret for previous acts of cruelty that had damned her.