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The Citrine Eagle Broken Isles Expedition was a prolonged venture into the Broken Isles, primarily in search of their lost Justicar, Sir Kavid "Slick" McTash after losing him on the outskirts of the Broken Shore a month prior. This goal of finding the lost Justicar of the Order was also paired alongside befriending the locals of the Broken Isles, including but not limited to the Highmountain Tribe, and the Valarjar.

The Expedition is expected to be separated between each region as follows:

The druids of the Citrine Circle have been making attempts to primarily assist in the area of Val'sharah to combat the Emerald Nightmare, while still assisting their kin in the Eagle.

Presently, Sir Kavid has been uncovered in Skyhorn, a town in Highmountain. With his return, the Citrine Eagle was then more able to focus on forging bonds with the locals of the areas, and rehabilitate their Justicar.


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