The Citrine Homeguard
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Sept 26, 36 L.C. - Present

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The Citrine Eagle




1 Company




Strong alone, stronger together

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The Citrine Homeguard is the latest in home defense for the Alterac Mountains, and fabricated by Xmir Smyth in efforts to protect the homefront while The Citrine Eagle was abroad in the region of the Broken Isles.

Formation Edit

The Homeguard was officially formed on September 26, 36 L.C. by Xmir Smyth. It was created as a sect of the Citrine Eagle, devoted to protecting Alterac while the rest of the Citrine Eagle's forces were on campaign, or away from Alterac.

Chain of Command Edit

The Homeguard has a rather basic chain of command, with 4 C.O. ranks. The ranks are listed from top to bottom.

Captain (Capt.) Edit


The Captain is the leader of the Homeguard. The Captain may plan and conduct all types of missions and operations, and will usually be present during drills and inspections.

Master Warrant Officer (MWO.) Edit


Master Warrant Officers will basically act as the deputy of the Captain, if the Captain is not present. They may carry out drills, briefings, and all different kinds of training. Master Warrant Officers also act as the advisors to the Captain.

Warrant Officer (WO.) Edit


Warrant Officers are the first official C.O. rank of the Homeguard. They may carry out drills and briefings, and can act as a Recruiter for the Homeguard.

Officer Cadet (OCdt.) Edit


Officer Cadets hold no more power than a Sergeant, but are basically just C.O.s in training. The rank is usually applied for.

Sergeant (Sgt.) Edit


Sergeants are the highest ranking NCO. They may act as a variety of roles within the Homeguard, but will usually fill in for a Warrant Officer if they aren't present. Sergeants may also act as a quartermaster or a trainer.

Master Corporal (MCpl.) Edit


Master Corporals are the first official NCO rank. They have the same job as the normal Corporals, but just have more authority over recruits, and generally anyone who is a lower rank than them.

Corporal (Cpl.) Edit


Corporals act as the right hands of the Sergeants, assisting them with basic tasks, such as attendance, patrol management, etc.

Private (Pte.) Edit


Privates of the Homeguard the fresh, newly inducted recruits of the organization. They hold no authority whatosever, and are usually fairly prone to screwing up.

Engagements Edit

The Broken Isle Campaign Edit

Stormheim Edit

The majority of the Homeguard's members were involved in the Citrine Eagle's campaign in Stormheim, as the Homeguard was created during the campaign.

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