Citrine Medical
Citrine Medical Badge
This is the badge handed to everyone in Citrine Medical.

Chief Administrator

Alliance 15 Jenifleur Wyther

Chief of Medicine

Alliance 15 Al Roe Wright


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The first line of salvation for the wounded, harmed and ill; Citrine Medical is a division tailored for all proficient in all styles of healing. On the front lines, the members of Citrine Medical work together in order to aid the members of the Order who are not so lucky and find themselves being harmed in the line of fire. Under the direction of their Chief, Citrine Medical dispenses healing in a quick and efficient manner.

Away from the field of battle, Citrine Medical houses its day-to-day operations within the infirmary of Talongrab Keep, where they aid the long term wounded, terminally ill, and those in need of medical attention.

Citrine Medical operates as the main, and universal source of healing in the ranks of the Citrine Eagle.

Ranking Edit


The rank Nurse is given Eagles who decide to join Citrine Medical. While many come to the Eagles proficient in their field, we must adhere to rules of safety and professionalism. A Nurse is considered junior in their field until reviewed. Once a Nurse has been seen to be able to safely perform their healing on the battlefield or in the Infirmary, they will be promoted to a Medic. Nurses are unable to perform healing in the Infirmary without supervision as well as being able to heal on the Battlefield with permission from a Chief or Captain. __________________________________________________________


A Medic has proven proficiency in their field of healing and also make up the majority of the members of Citrine Medical. They are able to assist and work alongside the Nurses to act as a guiding hand. Medics are able to heal in the Infirmary and battlefield without supervision.


The rank of Physician is given to those who prove themselves trustworthy as well as their skills, commitment and loyalty to the healing field. They are to be looked on as voices of reason and are proficient enough in their field of healing to be able to guide and offer advice to other members should they seek it. Their duties in the guild often depend on their specialties and can also give classes for other members to attend if they desire to.

Captain Edit

The Captain rank of Citrine Medical is given to the select few who go above and beyond and prove themselves to the Chiefs to be both their eyes and ears when they are not able to be present in the Infirmary or on the battlefield. They are also able to issue commands to other Citrine Medical personnel when the Chiefs are not available.

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