The Kingdom of New Alterac

Flag Explanation

While the City-State of Alterac's flag still has the colors of the old kingdom, the flag has progressed to symbolize Alterac's change. The Alteraci fowl and its stars burning within the Flame signifies Alterac's piety under the Scarlet doctrine. The golden wreath wrapped around the Alterac eagle signifies Alliance unity because gold is an often used color of it and wolves of House Wolfheart flank this on each side. Finally, a crimson Lordaeronian symbol hints at the fealty Alterac has to the Alliance of Lordaeron and, as the Scarlets once believed, the preservation of humanity that was once united under an alliance.

Governing Body

Peerage of Alterac


Alterac City (claim; rightful capital city)


Grand Alliance
Formerly the Kingdom of Alterac (New Alterac's predecessor)


Roughly 230+ at the moment (excluding goblins and slaves)


Active and seeking new encounters and faces!


IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Human Female125
IconSmall Dwarf MaleIconSmall Dwarf Female25
IconSmall Worgen MaleIconSmall Worgen Female20
IconSmall High Elf MaleIconSmall High Elf Female3
IconSmall HalfElf FemaleIconSmall HalfElf Male1
IconSmall Gnome MaleIconSmall Gnome Female5
IconSmall Goblin MaleIconSmall Goblin Female1
IconSmall Ogre Male2 slaves; Crushridge population unknown

Recognized Religions

Scarlet Crusade/Silver Hand Doctrine; allows Old Ways practices

Official Demonym

(Former) NPC Authority

Isiden Perenolde (rightful King of Alterac; missing or dead)

  • Commander Hath (former Commander of Alterac; missing or dead)

The City-State of Alterac[1] (in game spelled as <City State of Alterac >), otherwise known as the Reformed Kingdom of Alterac, or simply New Alterac, is a fledling provisional government of Alterac seeking to secure friendly relations between modern Alterac and the peoples of the Grand Alliance, although the maintained independence and stability of the Alterac Mountains comes first and foremost. The City-State formed shortly after the Second Arathi Civil War due to the loss of Tibereus Auralius and the subsequent split between various entities of Stromgarde's government. Those under Kormed Wolfheart, as loyal followers and gallant men and women of Alterac that side with the Grand Alliance, seek to restore Alterac to its former glory with the aid of the Alliance, to grow Alterac into a thriving, economically strong nation that can support itself, and to end the stigma the Perenoldes cast upon Alterac following the Second War; this vision is known as "New Alterac".

Background Edit

Alterac City

Alterac in former glory

 The City-State of Alterac came to exist after the Second Arathi Civil War, laying claim to Alterac through the lineage of Kormed Wolfheart as the Duke of Wolfrun many years following his mother's execution at the hands of Aiden Perenolde, the traitorous King of Alterac, which casted a cloud of doubt in returning to his childhood nation which has been razed by the Alliance of Lordaeron at the behest of Uther the Lightbringer during Alterac's marshal law period and its subsequent interregnum. With Kormed leading the efforts in Alterac from Wolfrun, the Duke formed a sort of coalition of Alteraci that flocked to his house's banner, seeking to restore Alterac; after Kormed led the City-State to victory, and ultimately claimed Alterac City, a trait which Aiden Perenolde nor his son, the last Lord of Alterac, could even boast, despite the two having the great ambition to reclaim their capital from the Crushridge of Alterac, the people of Alterac championed Kormed as their liberator. For this reason, the nation loved their new champion, the young Wolfheart, and, after a consensus (despite Kormed claiming beforehand he was the King-Claimant of Alterac's uncontested throne), ushered Kormed in as their population legitimized King to govern them as the Ruler of Alterac (a title which Aiden Perenolde held last before his subsequent house arrest).


Alterac's background in Warcraft 2

Perhaps overly ambitious, which as the King of the Alteraci's ultimate bane, Kormed Wolfheart, who was a patriot of Alterac, had numerous disputes and clashes with the equally nationalistic Stromsmen to the east, who were led by the Kormed's biological father, Imperator Mathilan Lionblood, who Kormed was the bastard son of; perhaps this was a continuation of the struggles King Thoras Trollbane had against General Hath before the Second War. This wasn't nearly as bad a setback as one might be led to believe, though; it was from the success over the Stromsmen in the Forests of Hillsbrad , however, that brought the Wolfheart to seek an Arathor inspired imperialistic glory, and, in memory of the mighty roots of humanity that were unified and strong, especially in the North, under the Arathorian Empire, formed the Alterac-Hillsbrad Confederacy, which was a unified 'empire' (but in reality a loosely centralized confederacy of independent fiefdoms from the still wartorn an devastated Alterac and Hillsbrad regions) betwixt the future Hillsbrad Confederates (notably Galmone) and New Alterac. Mayhaps to the eternal damnation of Kormed, his imperial ambitions collapsed upon itself within a matter of months; the Imperium failed, surrounded in a midst of controversies, heinous rumors about all sides involves, and behind-the-scenes politics, and the Duke of Wolfrun, to be remembered as a shortlived 'Emperor', although he was in reality the Chancellor of a Confederacy between two nation-states. After denouncing the Confederacy as a doomed cause, and realizing that the dreams of a unified human species and their allies north of the Thandol Span would require much more than a weak bumpkin state of old Lordaeron and the archaic Ruins of Alterac to inspire the ressurection of the currently decimated northern kingdoms, Kormed kept his nose in Alterac's internal affairs and has since continued his role as the reigning and sole Lord of Alterac, catering to the restoration and reinvigoration of the common Alteraci's life.

Wrath of the Lich King Edit


The Cataclysm Edit


Mists of Pandaria Edit

In the past, the Reformed Kingdom of Alterac used the ceasefire after the Siege of Orgrimmar to their advantage to rebuild Alterac, which was previously reclaimed by the Wolfheart's conquest without the threat of Forsaken and Frostwolf aggression.


Warlords of Draenor Edit


Legion Edit

With the mighty Wolf returning to the scene of things with his subsequent homelessness thrust upon him and his people from the Argus Wake cultists (at the start of the Legion invasion), and therefore directly the Burning Legion, not to mention the Wake's lackeys, the Syndicate, the former nobles of Alterac, manipulated by the Burning Legion's kniving agents, there is a chance that the Alterac settlers and their colonization efforts will reap the fruit of success. Perhaps one of the only obstacles hindering the City-State of Alterac that is not the Syndicate or Crushridge is the Banshee Queen in her conquest of the Northlands and the Frostwolf Clan's decimation of Stormpike Clan and Bloodfang Pack members in the Hillsbrad region.

Battle for Azeroth Edit

With the discovery of Azerite, war erupted in the Northlands between the forces of Sylvanas and the inevitable arrival of the full weight of the Alliance. During the Battle of Lordaeron, however, the sheer forces of Sylvanas fleeing into Alterac was enough to uproot the majority of the Syndicate which occupied Strahnbrad around the time Sergeras fell... a faction that numbered in as many as the thousands versus the scraggly City-State which numbered in the low three-hundreds. These two factions, even with the Syndicate lacking their Shadow Council affiliated allies, were still able to muster their forces and crush Wolfheart's years of building up Alterac within a month. The Wolfheart retinue, his servants, and vassals, along with his Stormpike and Scarlet Renegade allies all fled for the safety of the Arathi Highlands to garner the support of the Grand Alliance for future conquests in Hillsbrad and the Mountains and Valley, even if it means being in a state of homelessness to maintain the integrity of the Alterac folk.

*SPOILER* Raleigh the Devout has asked for the Scarlet Renegades known as the Order of the Scarlet Hand led by Grand Crusader Wolfheart to help cleanse Southshore from its state of blight with fellow Alliance paladins, to which the still Alliance fond Scarlets have of course agreed.

*SPOILER* The Bloodfang Pack, an ally of the Stormpike Guard, is pushing for Fenris Isle as Lordaeron City seems close within the grasp of the Alliance to put a stranglehold on the Sylvanas war machine. To help gain a toehold in upper Hillsbrad and to have a fortress to launch aquatic attacks on the Forsaken occupied Alterac and Silverpine, the City-State of Alterac has obliged out of necessity to keep the Alliance presence strong.
Ruins of Alterac

The current Ruins of Alterac City

Current Objectives & GoalsEdit

The current objective of the City-State is to restore Alterac from the ruins of which it is and to aid its former monarch, Kormed Wolfheart, claim the throne of Alterac which is currently contested by Beve Perenolde who is hiding (and hindering his progress via the Argus Wake and Syndicate) - and turn it into an economically thriving nation, with aspirations to revive its military to reprehend the lack of aid it provided in the Second War.


Objectives and Goals

The City-State of Alterac primarily seeks the assistance of the Grand Alliance now more than ever, especially with its decline of power, but presses for unity of the Alterac people at any means in hopes of restoring the kingdom to former glory.

Currently Edit

The City-State faces a turmoil like no other. A schism between those in support of an Alteraci Republic, and those who pledge loyalty to the proclaimed King Kormed Wolfheart. The City-State shattered, and the future of Alterac is clouded in doubt. The countryside rampages with war, and Alterac's appearance matches that right after the Second War: turmoil, chaos, and civil war.

Perhaps a clarion call will sound across the Grand Alliance, and the glorious armies of humanity and its allies will expunge the Sylvanas menace and all unholy ilk that threaten the safety and culture of the Alliance... but until that day comes, it will be up to the Alteraci to fend for themselves with their dwarven and worgen allies in hopes of creating a better future.

Historical Events Edit


Alterac Footman in the Second War

Major historical events that aided in shaping the modern City-State of Alterac.

Campaigns Edit

A list of the various campaigns of the City-State of Alterac.

Battles FoughtEdit

A full list of the battles the City-State of Alterac has participated in, this list will likely grow in the coming future. 

Conquest of Alterac

Second Civil War of Alterac

Reclamation of Hillsbrad

Reclamation of Alterac-Hillsbrad Campaign Part I

Seven Day's War

Reclamation of Alterac-Hillsbrad Campaign Part II

Clash of Wolves Part I

March on Gavenstead

Clash of Wolves Part II (last campaign)

Recolonization of Alterac (current campaign)

PART 1: Legion Aftermath (latest campaign) PROLOGUE:





Occupied Lands & TerritoriesEdit

Lands occupied by the City-State of Alterac, along with its allies and protectorates and noted with their rulers.

The current map of Alterac

Guilds, Organizations, Orders, and CouncilsEdit

The various organizations of the City-State of Alterac, all with one goal in mind, to better Alterac and provide for its people.

Organizations Edit

Disbanded OrganizationsEdit

Councils Edit

Disbanded Councils Edit


Kormed Wolfheart in Hillsbrad during his imperial reign

Notable DocumentsEdit

Redacted & Nullified Documents Edit

Laws of Alterac

Dissolution of the Assembly of Alterac

Historical Events Edit

Second Alterac Civil War

Conquest of Alterac

Assassination of Alessaria Wolfheart

Court of Uther Tribunal: Kormed Wolfheart

Grand Jury of Alterac: Toderick Stoneward

Ousting of Kormed Wolfheart

Dissolution of the Assembly of Alterac

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Enemies Edit or

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Houses Edit

Supporting noble houses of the City-State of Alterac and by extension, Kormed's rightful regency over Alterac.

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Imperial Forum aka "The Phoenix"  (out of date; this was the forum during the Alterac-Hillsbrad Imperium)

References Edit

  1. The Seven Kingdoms, pg. 1 (; "Gilneas, Alterac, and Kul Tiras were the first city-states to arise, and although they each had their own customs and commercial workings..."
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