Holy Order of Citrine Clerics


Alliance 15 Zaria Blackmoore


Alliance 15 Jezebel DeBray

Secondary Leaders

Base of Operation

Eagle's Perch


Alterac Guild Banner1 The Citrine Eagle


Grand Alliance Icon The Grand Alliance
Alterac Icon Kingdom of Alterac
Silver Hand Icon Order of the Silver Hand
Sh Alterac Silver Hand
Church Icon Church of the Holy Light
Lights Accord Icon Light's Accord



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Notable Organizations

C.A.W. · Citrine Medical · Specialists · Feathertouch Craftsmen · Howling Commandos

Notable Events

Ousting of Kormed Wolfheart · Tribunal: Kormed Wolfheart · Grand Jury of Alterac · Invasion of Tanaan · Assembly Dissolution · Voodoo Debacle · Knights of Perenolde Conflict · Broken Isles Expedition (Stormheim, Highmountain, Val'sharah) · The Granite Campaign · Battle of Briar Pass


Talongrab (Talongrab City, Talongrab Keep) · Bearlands · Owlhearth · Hath's Stand · Eagle's Perch · Kent

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The Holy Order of Citrine Clerics is an offset of the Alterac Silver Hand which acts as the clerical body for the Chapter. With the establishment of the Silver Handbook for aspiring knights of the chapter, and the desire to create a means to see the Clerics of Alterac progress, Jezebel Grimshaw had begun to prepare a priest handbook in order to better establish a bond of learning between the Paladin-Knights, and Priests of the order.

With the expansion of Eagle's Perch, the Order is able to operate Just outside the bounds of Talongrab within their new abbey.

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