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The Codex of Scripture is a collection of historic and spiritual writings of the Tidesages accumulated by the early archivsts Brother Maxwell 1648 L.A.C. at the Stormsong Monastery. 



Códice de Ritos

The accumulative rites of Tidesages

Compiled by Brother Maxwell

Stormsong Monastery, 1648 L.A.C.

Statute of Dedication

Vow of service to the Tidemother

Here made sovereign by the Lord Stormsong

We, devout brothers and sisters of the tidemother, do swear our unyielding dedication to the sea, We here do swear ourselves in service of the seas, to protect all life she bears, and sustain the good people of kul tiras. We here do swear to guide and serve all servants of the tidemother, to protect and bless their ships so they may enjoy the fruits of harvest the tidemother provides.

Sea to sea, storm to storm, tide to tide.

I. The Monastic Order of the Tidesages

The Lord Stormsong

  • The Lord Stormsong, patriarch of the House of Stormsong and appointed leader of the Tidesages shall be the supreme temporal ruler of the Tidesages.

  • As befitting his station, he shall wear the ancient Stormsong Pallium and Mantle.

Tidesage Council

  • A master of each order (Hull, Wave, and Wind) shall be appointed as a member of the Tidesage Council, granting them the title of Hullmaster, Wavespeaker, and Galecaller respectively.

  • A Tidesage Council member shall wear the Tidesage Sticharion and raised mitre.

The Abbot

  • All monasteries, friaries, and convents shall be led by an abbot, who has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to the Tidemother as appointed by the Tidesage Council.

  • The Abbot shall wear the mitre and exorasson as befitting their station.


  • All novices who pass through the Path of Storms shall swear an oath to the Tidemother and be blessed as a Tidesage.

  • All blessed Tidesages must wear the ordained habit.

Storm above and tides below, hear us now!

Grace us with your wisdom and quake the earth with your supreme might.

We humble servants of the seas do bow to you, o’ tidemother.

- Lord Stormsong, 220 L.A.C.

II. Rites

Ritual of Binding (Weddings)

  1. All sea-fearing Kul Tirans shall wed under the Tidemother, guided by a blessed Tidesage. 

  2. Weddings shall begin with the couple and observing Tidesage to stand in the waters. The couple shall hold opposing hands crossed as the Tidesage binds the hands together in rope.

  3. The Tidesage shall then begin with the entrance blessing and begin his/her sermon. “Sea to sea, storm to storm, Tide to tide.”

  4. As the sermon concludes, the Tidesage will then proclaim that the couple shall bind under the Tidemother and remove the rope, now placing a seashell in either couple’s hands, which they hold until the conclusion of the wedding.

  5. A mixture of seal blubber, oil, and seawater are made, with the mixture and then gently poured upon the crowns of the couple. The Tidesage shall proclaim “As the sea binds and quakes at the shoreline, so too shall you bind in unity and love, until death do part you upon the shoreline and you return to the sea.”

  6. The Tidesage shall then proclaim the couple wed and ask them to cast the shells into the sea, to memorialise their commitment to each other and to the Tidemother. 

Ritual of Release (Funeral)

  1. All sea-fearing Kul Tirans shall observe the funeral rites as decreed by the Tidemother.

  2. The funeral shall begin with the entrance blessing and a sermon, as performed by the observing Tidesage.

  3. Upon the conclusion of the sermon, the Tidesage shall proclaim, “As you have parted the realm of the living, we give honour and praise to the Tidemother, who shall accept you in the great depths.” The Tidesage shall then collect the soul of the deceased with an abyssal beacon, calling forth the soul with no more than three rings of his/her bell.

  4. As the soul is collected, the Tidesage shall then announce the burning of the corporeal body, “As the soul has departed the body, we shall now cremate the body in accordance to the Tidemother’s guidance.”

  5. Sea blubber oil shall be poured across the body and dedicated companions of the deceased shall light the pyre.

  6. As the body burns, the Tidesage shall conclude the funeral with a blessing and depart to release the soul at the Shrine of the Storm.

Ritual of Rivers (Baptism)

  1. A baptism shall be performed on an individual who wishes to be inducted into the faith and is not of Kul Tiran lineage.

  2. To prove their devotion to the Tidemother, the suplicant must complete three challenges of the Tidesage’s choosing. Upon proof of completion, the rite may be performed.

  3. First, the supplicant must join the Tidesage in the waters, hands clasped and head bowed. The Tidesage shall then raise their hands to the sky and ask the Tidemother to accept the supplicant.

  4. Following this, the Tidesage shall then proclaim a verse or teaching as they submerge the supplicant into the water, holding for ten seconds before allowing them to rise. Should the supplicant prematurely rise, the rite shall be forfeit.

  5. Upon their rise, the Tidesage shall bless and welcome them into the faith. As a sign of their acceptance, they shall be awarded a kris decorated with the Tidemother’s symbolage. 

Ritual of Oceans (Blessing of ships)

  1. For all sea-worthy ships to enter the waters, a Tidesage must bless the vessel for good voyages.

  2. To commence, the Tidesage shall create a mixture of seal blubber, oil, and sea water with a brush as he/she issues a blessing.

  3. With the mixture, they shall recite the blessing and flick the mixture against the bow, midship, stern, and the wheel. 

  4. “Sea to sea, storm to storm, tide to tide. Breathe strength into our sails, and guard us against the crushing depths! Let this vessel be one with the vast ocean, and us with her. Storm above and tides below, hear us now!”

  5. With the conclusion of the blessing, the Tidesage shall pour the remaining mixture in the water surrounding the vessel to symbolise the ship entering the water.

Ritual of Initiation (Initiation ceremony)

  1. To be granted the use of their ritual implements, the initiate must undergo a number of trials.

  2. to begin, the initiate shall weigh their worth before the Tidemother and ask for a blessing.

  3. If accepted, the initiate must then journey to Stormsong and spend time amongst the people.

  4. While in Stormsong, they shall also seek the scrolls of the ancient Tidesages, and meditate on their meaning.

  5. The initiate shall then demonstrate their training in the four trials to earn their respective implements:

    1. Tidecalling: To reach out and commune with the tides. For this they shall be rewarded the Abyssal Beacon.

    2. The rites: Bless a ship according to the sacred rites. For this they shall be rewarded the Seacaller’s mantle.

    3. Shepherding the dead: Assist in the ritual of release. For this they shall receive the Dead Ringer.

    4. Tonics: Prepare a healing tonic. For this they shall receive the Tidal Kris.

  6. For the completion of these trials they will be awarded the use of their ritual implements. 

Ritual of Trials (Trials ceremony)

  1. All imbued initiates ready to take their vows as a Tidesage shall take the Ritual of Vows.

  2. To be granted the title of brother/sister, the initiate must prove they have mastered the three pillars:

    1. The cave: The initiate must enter the Drowned Cave under the Stormsong Monastery, proving their strength as a Tidesage against the whispers.

  3. Once the initiate has emerged from the cave, they shall conduct three individual, unique trials per the three schools of the faith. This shall be overseen by a respective member of each school.

    1. Waves: Prove their mastery of the water.

    2. Gales: Summon a gale of wind.

    3. Hull: Conduct a ritual of their choosing.

  4. With these trials concluded, they shall then move onto the ascension ceremony.

Ritual of Ascension (Ascension ceremony)

  1. To begin, the initiate shall kneel before the Shrine of Storms and observe Tidesages.

  2. They shall then take the final oaths, and receive blessings from the Tidemother

    “I am a Tidesage of Kul Tiras. I am a shield against the storm, I am a beacon in the dark. I am the faith of Kul Tiras. I am a daughter/Son of the tides and until my last breath shall remain. I am a servant of the people, wherever the call is sounded I shall answer. For the tides provide as must I.” 

  3. To signify their completion, they shall then summon the Rod of Tides and walk across the Path of Storms, to be greeted by their brethren in the Shrine.

  4. For this they shall be rewarded the title of Brother or Sister.

Ritual of Blades (Tideguard initiation)

  1. To begin, the initiate shall kneel before the Shrine of Storms and observing Tidesages.

  2. The Tideguard will issue a prayer to the Tidemother before the Tidesages request the initiate to demonstrate their faith in the Tidemother.

  3. They shall then take the final oaths, and receive blessings from the Tidemother:

“We swear our loyalty to the people of Stormsong and the Tidemother's revenant servants. We swear our unyielding loyalty to the seas, skies, and soil. May our blades never falter, nor our armour shatter. May we never strike down a civilian, nor bear arms against /r our brothers and sisters. 

We hereby dedicate our mortal shell to the Tidemother, so that we may serve her in life and in death. Such is her will." 

  1. To signify their completion, they shall then summon the Rod of Tides and walk across the Path of Storms, to be greeted by their brethren in the Shrine.

  2. For this they shall be rewarded the title of Tideguard and issued their spear.

III. Habit and vestments

Liturgical habit

  • All sea-fearing Kul Tirans shall wear a liturgical habit when conducting rites and rituals, which include:

  • Liturgical habit

  • Liturgical Stole

  • Tidesage’s kris

  • Abyssal Beacon

  • Sacrificial bowl and brush

  • Ingredients required for rite (dependant on rite performed)

Standard habit 

  • All sea-fearing Kul Tirans shall wear a standard habit when conducting daily duties or cloistered, which include:

  • Standard habit

  • Tidesage’s kris

  • Abyssal Beacon

  • Tidesage’s Mantle

  • Imbued seawater

  • Seal blubber

  • Staff 

  • Compass

IV. Tonics and herbs