The Congregation of the Inquisition is a congregation of the Council of Bishops that deals with the legal matters and canons of the Church conclusively. It is responsible for promoting the Church's dogma and suppressing unorthodox behavior. Under the triumvirate of the Council of Bishops it is led by Dame Kaldea Crystalrose.

The Prefect of the Inquisition is called the Grand Inquisitor of the Church.


Grand Inquisitor
Preceded by
Popohnia Crystalrose
Congregation of the Inquisition Succeeded by
Kaldea Crystalrose

Current Office of the CongregationEdit

Popohnia Crystalrose - Dicast (ex-officio)

Kaldea Crystalrose - Prefect

Koah Johnson - Expert

Sabrina Dawnstrider - Expert 

Ministry of LawEdit

The Ministry of Law for the Council of Bishops is the sub-organization functioning within the Congregation of Inquisition that is solely responsible for the care and interpretation of the Church's legal documents including the Code of Canon Law. The office of the ministry comprises of the experts of law, with it's headquarters situated in Stormwind.


Heresy of the Army of the TruthfulEdit

With the establishment of the heretical Scarlet order, the Army of the Truthful, the inquisition was forced into taking a firm course of action to ensure their suppression from influencing the Church of the Holy Light. With the proposal of Popohnia Fitzerhernn, that the Scarlet text known as the Book of Flame be outlawed and persecuted, the inquisition have worked towards its full eradication.

As of January, 625 K.C. the Book of Flame has been officially outlawed in by provincial decree in Provinces of Gilneas, including Alterac and Kul’Tiras, and Stormwind, as the inquisition continues its efforts of suppressing the heresy of Truth

Come February, 626 K.C., the Diocese of Stromgarde has banned the Book of Hope and the Book of Flame. 

Reformation of DeusEdit

Instigated by Ceylin Twinblades, this monotheistic variant of the Holy Light was formed and its theology altered from other Deist or "Deusian" groups of the past (such as the Kastonites and the Church of Deus). The Church wished to try and condemn Ceylin and other "Ceylinite" Deists for Slander and Heresy officially, but for actively speaking against the Church, publishing such sentiments in heretical tomes and distributing them throughout the Cathedral District---even recruiting followers from within the Church.

Because Twinblades was sought by the Church and the State for various charges and due to the ideological differences of "proper" punishment, then-Prefect Luther Alburton tried and arrested him---the Court of the Inquisition finding him Guilty of Heresy---rather than allowing Secularists to arrest and grant leniency on basis of the Rights of a Nobleman in a court not of the Church. Most of Twinblades' tomes, Lux Dei, were confiscated to be burned.

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