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Conspicuous Service Cross
Conspicuous Service Cross
The CSC medal
Awarded by Kingdom of Stormwind


Military Medal


Stormwind Military Personnel

Awarded For

Outstanding commitment to duty or application of exceptional skills




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Currently Awarded

Order of Precedence

Next (higher)

Cross of Llane
Cross of Tiffin

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Distinguished Service Cross

The Conspicuous Service Cross is a Stormwind Military medal awarded to soldiers who hold an outstanding commitment to duty or demonstrate themselves above and beyond the call of duty to the Kingdom of Stormwind. It is often awarded typically to commanders, or soldiers and/or units who persevere in tough environments and situations.

The Cross is similar to the Distinguished Service Cross both in name and in awarding, with the only difference being the DSC is awarded for leadership, where as the CSC is awarded for duty.

Like the Long Service Medal, the CSC comes in a bar in order to signify a variety of categories, but is usually awarded for extended periods of duty.

The Conspicuous Service Cross can be awarded to a soldier of any rank.

By Order of Wear, the CSC ranks higher then the DSC but lower than the Cross of Llane, making it the second highest military award, but the third highest in the total Order of Wear, counting civilian awards.

Notable Recipients[]